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  1. dbc254

    How tight is your bass drum head?

    This might've already been discussed ad museum for all I know, but I gotta ask. I was at a gig a couple weekends ago and the head of my 14x18 kick was too resonant. We'd been playing some "intimate" gigs where I was unmiked and needed the resonance. This gig I was being miked and it was causing...
  2. dbc254

    Welch Tuning System Thoughts?
  3. dbc254

    Hitting the left crash cymbal with traditional grip

    This must have been addressed before, but if not, I'd love everyone's input. Been playing traditional grip forever, but never really thought about ergonomics until I got a little older. What is the most ergonomic/efficient way to hit the left crash cymbal (if right-handed it typically sits...
  4. dbc254

    Demolition Derby

    Rockabilly just outside Philly. Ardmore that is. 35 E. Lancaster Ave. in Ardmore, PA. Show is BYOB 8pm - 10:30pm and in an intimate listening room with limited space. Get there early or be left out...
  5. dbc254

    Tilter-less cymbal stands

    Buddy Rich used these and historians/players like Ken Loomer and DickCully also use them on their vintage kits. Where are they getting these? I've always played with the tilter set to flat anyway and this eliminates an adjustment point I never use. Are these custom-made these days, or can you...
  6. dbc254

    snare side heads

    Because I play strictly rock, I went with the sage advice, that thicker heads would be what I likely required. Went with an Aquarian Triple Threat head for the snare batter and an Evans 500 (5mil) resonator head. Sounded OK in the house. Played my first gig with this combo and it sounded like I...