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    Lifts for 20's - What say you?

    The center of a 20" is 1" lower than that of a 22", so the 20" on the lift will have its center slightly higher.
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    Stanton Moore video: How to Tune Your SNARE Drum

    I always though the fold was just a way to get more mass with a small footprint, but the fold also makes the piece of tape much stiffer in that direction, which might affect the muffling as well?
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    Help ID’ing Gretsch kit with concert toms

    I don't think DW uses nitrocellulose lacquer, so I would not try that. Guitar polish should be safe.
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    The low hi hat technique reverse crossover

    I think I've seen a video where Tony does it. It was probably dictated by crappy hihat stand adjustability?
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    Studio Build

    Hmm, you could get some scuba gear for the rhythm section but it won't work for horn players...
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    Saari Drums?

    I've seen and heard a few kits, but I don't really recall what they sound like in person. Here you can hear Ari Hoenig on a bop kit:
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    A wrench in the Avedis Zildjian stamp timeline?

    According to Zenstat's matrix, Rock Hi-hats were introduced in 1973.
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    Studio Build

    I'm pretty sure those AC units only filter, heat or cool, and circulate the inside air (and remove humidity). They can be added to places with existing ventilation without adjustments as they don't change the balance of in and out flow. (Unless those are completely different from the usual ones.)
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    Room Acoustics/sound treatment - Need something to make my drums sound good again...

    Forget the part of sound waves needing space to develop, that's not how it works. The issue is standing waves and for those the center of the room is the worst spot.
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    Posting photo attachments - what changed?

    I just drag and drop the file into the editor window and it appears as full size.
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    My 16x16 bass drum: should I cut its depth to 14-5/8" or 11-5/8"?

    I like 12x16 better than 14x16 for jazz.
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    Studio Build

    Have you considered some kind of wood paneling on the walls? I've understood that drywall is not acoustically very nice.
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    What drums är these

    From the 1999 catalog: Did they reset the serial numbers? My snare, presumably from late 1987, has serial 50xxx. Is there a way to distinguish 80s and 90s drums based on the paper tag?
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    Neil Peart Inside Maine State Prison

    What's the story behind the dead beaver?
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    What drums är these

    Välkommen! 4417 should be a 14x14 floor tom. Serial indicates late 80s, perhaps 1988? KSWW could the finish, but I don't know what it means. WW is walnut, DKWW dark walnut (nonstandard finish in 87 price list). Are the upper letters GB or CB? Just saw the pic: those are Broadcasters. US custom...
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    I got some new, old drums today :)

    Is the guy that made it a snommelier?
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    Center Cracked Cymbal Repair

    Like this one ;-)
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    Bird's Eye Views...

    Nice! What are the drum sizes?
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    Gretsch “playboy” advice, sound comparison

    Using words to describe sounds can be confusing. You know what your drums sound like. I was just wondering whether you are looking for the same sound in bigger sizes, or something with a wider tuning range and more sustain.