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  1. drumphils

    Speed King

    Decent shape. Occasionally squeeks but only on quiet tunes. Beater has pock marks but stable. Will play another 30 yrs. $60 + Shipping Lower 48 PayPal Thanks Phil
  2. drumphils

    Hoop ID

    Metal, 20” It came on something I purchased years ago. Thanks for your help! Phil
  3. drumphils

    Revised: Slingerland Stage Band Players 12,14,20

    This set doesn’t appear to be a rewrap BUT, the grommets are tampered with and the bass has been repainted. Possible someone grabbed badges that were fairly close and replaced those? IF it is a rewrap, it was a pro job as the seams are tight and in the correct location. The paint in the bass is...
  4. drumphils


    Mint? No, but 9 for sure. Sold as a set. A few replacement tips, a few worn through but stable. Hihat felts and one washer not original. Spring is strong. Cymbal and snare stand look correct to my knowledge. $300 + Shipping Lower 48 PayPal Thanks, Phil
  5. drumphils


    Thanks Phil
  6. drumphils


    795/1110 Great shape, near new. $140 Shipped Lower 48 PayPal + Fees PM with interest Thanks Phil
  7. drumphils

    Gretsch New Classic 6.5 $300 Shipped

    Black Sparkle Lacquer 10 lug, Die Cast hoops Puresound wires Heads are good. Reverse Dot batter with some Weckl stick residue but lots of miles left. A few places of Pin Hole filler on the plies. Looks pro, like factory? Smooth, no issue to me but worth mentioning. See pic. Badge would seem to...
  8. drumphils

    Slingerland ‘90s Piccolo

    Yo, BDP Needs new heads Nice condition overall Side snare? Child’s snare? ‘90s ambient Country-Rock snare? $165 Shipped Lower 48 PayPal + Fees PM if interested Thanks Phil
  9. drumphils

    Slingerland Stage Band 8x12 Toms

    Maroon/Gold $200+actual shipping + PayPal Fees Lower 48 US Champagne Sparkle $200 + actual shipping + PayPal Fees Lower 48 US Details and pics to follow. Phil
  10. drumphils

    Slingerland Black/Gold Duco Bass

    Flexible on cosmetic condition. Decent edges and hoops a big plus. May consider other drums depending on size. Phil
  11. drumphils

    DW Early ‘90s Tobacco Burst Snare

    Specifically with A Quality Instrument badge. Apparently, these were 10 ply Keller but Im guessing there were other options available? Thanks, if you happen to be sitting on one or know of one for sale. Phil
  12. drumphils

    SOLD Gretsch New Classic 10,12,14,20

    Pick Up Only in Southern California 9.5 condition. One very small bump in the 12. A little pedal rash..... Original bass reso head if desired? I took this pic in front of a window to show the gold flecks, mostly appears as Black Sparkle in less light. They are in climate controlled storage at...
  13. drumphils

    Slingerland Black and Gold Duco 20" Bass

    Thanks for your time. Phil
  14. drumphils

    AKG c418 or c419

    Post or PM if you happen to have one or the other available. May be interested in a few should that be the case. Thanks, Phil
  15. drumphils

    Slingerland Black/Gold Duco or Green/Aqua Satin Flame

    Black/Gold Duco need to be Stage Band. Nice and perfect is great but scrapes and chips are of no concern if the shell and edges are in good shape. Green/Aqua Satin can be Stage Band or double lug. Ditto above, can't sweat the small stuff. Complete drums would be easy but would certainly...
  16. drumphils

    Rogers 12 x 16 Tom

    This drum was included in a recent purchase I made of a matching set. Dayton tag, speckled, moderate yellowing of WMP. Has a clip for key, a tone control but no other additional holes. Appears original factory. Condition, is 9.5, imo. Sure wish it had legs!!! Comments? Anybody have one...
  17. drumphils

    Z Custom 20" China Boy

    Looking for a 20" An 18" may work if it's a strong rider. Thanks for your time, Phil
  18. drumphils

    Fibes part ?

    Scanned some parts catalogs but didn't see it. It was included with a box of misc. drum equipment. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  19. drumphils

    Sold- Gretsch Tangerine 6 Lug

    Nice shape, I dusted it off a bit but would look very nice totally detailed. Got this in a trade deal with a friend and hoping there's a Tangerine set out there in need of a matching. One tension rod is not original and the bottom hoop is skewed a bit.....see up fine though. Heads...
  20. drumphils

    LP Giovani Compact Conga/Bongo set

    Greeting, a friend needs a set of these ASAP. Used please. PM me if you have some for sale or perhaps a lead Thanks, Phil