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  1. DrumPhil

    Stanople 14 inch vintage (prob. 1950s or so)

    I picked up this old Stanople to try as a hihat top, but just didn't care for the results. I'm not that much into playing vintage gear, though I respect those who are. if that is you, maybe this cymbal is your thing. It's pretty thin, with uneven patina and a few noticeable spots, but no cracks...
  2. DrumPhil

    Do long tension rods bend easily?

    Whenever I see drums with a single center lug and long tension rods that go to both heads, I expect them to easily get bent during handling. George Way drums, for example, look beautiful, but I am concerned about how often t-rods would get bent and need to be replaced. From people who have...
  3. DrumPhil

    Anyone else miss good liner notes?

    I love reading good liner notes from albums and CDs. In this age of digital downloads, it seems like even when an artist releases a physical CD or vinyl, they rarely have interesting liner notes. One of my favorites is Paul Desmond's notes on his own album Take Ten. Here is an excerpt (my...
  4. DrumPhil

    Adonis Rose kills it

    Love the whole album, but this cut should make any drummer smile.
  5. DrumPhil

    Uses for used drumsticks

    In the spirit of upcycling, or just reducing waste, what uses have you found for old sticks or heads that are past their useful playing life? I have given old heads to my wife to place under houseplants as drip catchers. She has used my old sticks also in plants that need a stake to hold them...
  6. DrumPhil

    Any Drum HQ (StL) employees?

    Is anyone here who used to work at Drum HQ in St. Louis (Maplewood location) back in 2001? I bought a unique kit back then, and would like to find out some information about it. Thanks in advance.
  7. DrumPhil

    You know it’s a slow day when…

    …you pick the hair and carpet fibers out of the Velcro on the bottom of your bass drum pedal. What does a slow day look like for you?