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  1. Woody85

    20" Mehmet Original Light Ride for a 20" or 22" Agop Ride

    Let's bump this a bit. Also very interested in trades for agop crashes. A 17" traditional dark crash would be perfect but I'm open to other offers.
  2. Woody85

    Trick strainer for a 4 inch shell?

    I've used a Trick throw on a 4x14" snare build. No issues to report!
  3. Woody85

    Tool's Danny Carey arrested for assault!

    Ah yes...nothing like allegedly bullying airport security and uttering homophobic slurs. What exactly is good about that?
  4. Woody85

    Compressor on Kick or Share?

    Use the bluey on your room mic - all buttons in mode. I like using DBX 160X compressors on snare and bass for most pop/rock music.
  5. Woody85

    Strainer with large hole spacing?

    The Worldmax S9 throw off might work. It has 2 11/16" spacing.
  6. Woody85

    Looking for a truly crashable ride

    I have a very crashable 20" Mehmet Original Light Ride available. It's washy but also somehow has a very nice bell to it. Send me a message for more details.
  7. Woody85

    20" Mehmet Original Light Ride for a 20" or 22" Agop Ride

    I can record one tonight for you. Any preferred styles you'd like to hear?
  8. Woody85

    20" Mehmet Original Light Ride for a 20" or 22" Agop Ride

    Thanks for the offer but I'm looking to stay with Agops for now.
  9. Woody85

    20" Mehmet Original Light Ride for a 20" or 22" Agop Ride

    So this is a Heartbeat Classic Light Ride which is just an OEM branded 20" Istanbul Mehmet Original Light Ride. I've removed all logos except for the bottom stamp (as seen in the images). It weighs 1862 and has a surprisingly decent bell. Works great as a washy ride or power crash. No cracks...
  10. Woody85

    Anyone using a more modern tom arm with vintage ludwigs?

    I use inde mounts with a stupid heavy DW 9000 double tom stand with my 70s ludwig kit. Very adjustable and solid (and did I mention heavy???)
  11. Woody85

    Just got back from Timpano Percussion shop in Montreal (eye candy inside)

    I love that shop! They're honest and have great prices and some unique stuff that's harder to find in Canada. Also the best prices on Aquarian heads!
  12. Woody85

    Vintage Sonor Teardrop Snare with the absolute worst strainer/butt design! Good replacement?

    I can't really help with recommendations but let me know if you want to sell that butt plate.
  13. Woody85

    Favorite bearing edges for snares?

    I like an inner 45 with 1/8" roundover on the batter side with an offset dual 45 on the reso edge. Has plenty of sensitivity but also a bit of punch.
  14. Woody85

    Your Ideal gig drum set configuration

    12x20, 8x12, 12x15 5x14 brass snare 14 hats 18 and 20 cymbals
  15. Woody85

    Good brass snares (besides the Black Beauty)

    Sound. But the hardware contributes to the sound of course.
  16. Woody85

    Good brass snares (besides the Black Beauty)

    If you can find an older, used, Tama Kenny Aronoff Trackmaster snare pick it up. The older ones had nickel over brass hoops and are fantastic drums. Hot take, but I think I prefer my Trackmaster snare over my modern Ludwig Black Beauty snare.
  17. Woody85

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    Here's my current project. All 3 ply beech shells with rerings.
  18. Woody85

    Look at the Hypocrisy of Drum Forum

    Maybe go outside and get some fresh air?
  19. Woody85

    16" Sabian AA Bright Crash, N&C die cast 14" bottom

    Oddly enough I do have a 22" Canadian Zildjian ride I would perhaps consider selling. It's 3407 grams on my scale. PM for more info and we can go from there.