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    For Sale: Ludwig Mach lugs

    Somebody wants these....
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    Looking for Black Cortex wrap.

    Always have room for you....
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    Looking for Black Cortex wrap.

    I just ordered a sheet from HERE . For Ludwig Black Cortex, order the gloss. The matte sample I received from Formica looks and has a texture like Ludwigs' Black Panther wrap. I ordered the 4 x10 but I have more than one project. You will need to figure out if a 4x8 sheet will work. Also, Sam...
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    Mr Rock Solid: Anton Fig

    I got to spend a little time with Anton way back when The Late Show taped a Friday night in Chicago. We had made a drum for him, and both Anton and Dave loved it. All of those years on The Late Show, Paul would call out the next song, count 4 and they were off. Sometimes the song wasn't one...
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    GMS/Global Stave Snare

    What wood is it? Cherry? Also, that's segment shell not a stave. When it comes to staves, think wine barrels...
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    Stave drum building

    You can also get a router bit. Most angle gauges are pretty accurate. On a side note, I would reconsider only using 8 staves. The stave will need to be fairly thick to have enough material to remove when turning. Also, that's a lot of wood relying on strength along the grain...
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    Funny music memes

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    Favorite Bass Drum Impact Pad?

    Leather impact pads from Canon. When I heard they were going out of business, I bought another pack of 10
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    The ultimate snare case test?

    I am a fan of the H&B stuff as well and Yes, Mike is a drummer.... Also, I prefer the colored ones as they are much harder to walk off with when out and about...
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    Sold Sabian AA 5 piece set

    Great price and seller...
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    FOGHAT: Friday 5fer

    Did Roger get the name back? Back in the 90's, a lawyer snatched the name. Lonesome Dave said screw you to the lawyer and played as Lonesome Dave's Foghat. Both bands played a club around here within a few weeks of each other.
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    Lost Neil two years ago today.

    As a Neil fan, I find this disturbing. However, next time I am in Dallas.....
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    Prices on drum wrap !!??

    Mark, Bob Rodriguez at On The edge is in Southern Cal. Does great work... Sorry to hijack... EVERYTHING is getting more expensive. I just bought a sheet of black formica to rewrap some Ludwigs...
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    Die Cast snare hoops

    Willing to bet the Ludwig hoops and DFD's hoops are coming out of the same factory...
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    Brady snare for $4,100

    Did it sell for that or list for that price? BIG difference...
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    16" tom or just shell - concert tom/marching drum fine

    I have a 16 x 16 Slingerland bare shell. I do not remember the ply count. I do remember that the outer ply is damaged. Has some missing pieces that previous owner pulled off when removing wrap.
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    For Sale: Ludwig Mach lugs

    8 - 8” Ludwig Mach lugs $40 shipped Hole spacing 2 3/16. 2 3/4. 2 3/16
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    Strong Enough..

    I was given an old 3-ply Ludwig shell that looks like half of the outer mahogany ply was removed with the wrap. I am going to rewrap in black cortex (formica stuff). I will sand off what's left of the outer ply. Here's my question: Is the shell strong enough as 2-ply or should I put a 3rd ply...
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    After attending her first Chicago Drum show years ago, my wife commented, "You drummers are one step above a Star Trek convention."
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    Does anybody need this Pearl boom?

    What size is the pipe?