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    Protection Racket 14 x 18 BD Bag

    These bags have gotten obscenely expensive so here's a chance to get a lightly used one-just used to store drums at home. I have a reasonable sized box which 21 x 19 x 9 which helps keep shipping costs reasonable (also obscenely expensive) $125.00 shipped CON USA
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    SOLD: 12 Aquarian Heads (18/12/14) some new and un-played. $100.00

    SOLD: Making space on the self. I have a plethora of Aquarian heads that I want to sell as one package deal. Some are un-played/new, others lightly played unless indicated otherwise. Bass Drum heads: 18 Texture Coated Bass Drum head, very lightly used 18 Clear/Reso or Batter Bass Drum head...
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    SOLD: Out of Production: Zildjian K Custom 22" Dry Light Ride Sound Files

    SOLD. Purchased from Gerry Porter. This was a Zildjian endorser selection. They usually don't sound this good. $400.00 + 25 shipping Con USA I made two sound files. One w/ a Vater Manhattan 7A w a barrel tip and one with a Vater Manhattan 7A with a round tip. There are two split rivets...
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    The Motian in Motion doc is out

    I'm mainly referring to his post Evans period. The stuff that takes effort to deconstruct and comprehend. Here's something in between with plenty of atmosphere and a clear example of how he paints colors and "emotian" on the drums.
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    The Motian in Motion doc is out

    My treat to myself over the Thanksgiving holiday. Motian has to be the most misunderstood of jazz drummers. I get so exhausted trying to explain. Just listen man! Just listen.
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    SOLD Zildjian 18" K Custom Flat Top Ride

    I just want to say to any tire kickers out there, these 18 and 20 K Custom flat rides are the best. 18's don't come around that often so grab this one.
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    Memphis Drum Shop Formula 602 ME Demo?

    Don't get me started on MDR and their "sound files"
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    Noble & Cooley - How America's Oldest Drum Factory Stayed In Business For Over 160 Years | Still Standing

    One of, if not THE absolute best drum factory video I've ever seen. Enjoy.
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    All classic maples w/ white resocoat. Bass drum is a 12 x 20. Snare is COB B/O.
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    Ludwig CM w/ reso-cote. 12 x 20 BD. B/O COB snre.
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    24" Zildjian Concept Orchestral Ride

    When you see a crowd, go the other way. I've been playing an 18" uptown ride as my main ride for over a year. Mine is darker than most uptown versions you hear (thank you Gerry Porter) The combination of the dry sound with the small diameter forces you TO LISTEN to what you're playing. I...
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    Die Cast Hoops (New)

    12 inch sold. The 14" for snare drum (batter and snare side) still available. Offers considered.
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    Tama Star Maple Coral Pink 5.5 x 14 w/ inlay

    Gorgeous and unique finish. Coral Pink with in-lay. This is a Star Maple snare-the highest you can get in the Star line-5.5 x 14, 8 one piece lugs, die cast hoops, linear drive strainer, 3 air holes w/ wooden grommets, original un-played stock heads, Tama High Carbon, snare wire, Tama key...
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    SOLD Canopus Yaiba Bop Kit w/ matching 6.5 snare

    I though before I put these on Reverb I'd give you guys a crack. I'm selling a Canopus Yaiba Bop kit in Red Ruby Sparkle lacquer. Sizes are 14 x 18 BD, 14 x 14 FT, 8 x 12 T, matching 6.5 x 14 snare. Include FT lets, Canopus rims mount and tom mount. There is some pedal rash on the bass...
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    Die Cast Hoops (New)

    Bump: 14 8 hole sold. Others s/a
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    Zildjian 18 Uptown Ride

    Sold. Thank you all
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    Zildjian 18 Uptown Ride

    SOLD 1746 grams. I have 3 of these fine cymbals. No issues. PM if you need a sound file. $125.00 Price includes shipping Con USA Tx
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    Die Cast Hoops (New)

    Selling as pairs, not individually. All hoops are new. Price includes shipping Con USA only. PM me please. Tx Pair: 14 inch 8 hole $100.00 SOLD Pair: 12 inch 6 hole $85.00 SOLD Set: 14 snare side 8 hole and 14 batter side 8 hole $100.00
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    Pre Split Istanbul silliness

    Yes. that's the seller/listing. I got to see Elvin a bunch of times in NYC. One time that stands out was at the blue note. Elvin was using a full set of Istanbul cymbals with a monstrous 22 inch on his left all riveted up. (two riveted 20's on his right) If I recall Barry from Drummers...
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    Pre Split Istanbul silliness

    I don't usually post except for selling items, but when I saw this Reverb listing this morning I felt I needed to say something. There's a Minneapolis Drum Shop that has some pre split Istanbul Mel Lewis cymbals listed. The problem is that they claim they're from the 1980's. I was a regular...