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  1. equipmentdork

    What to do with used heads?

    It was D'Addario/Evans. Dan
  2. equipmentdork

    What to do with used heads?

    Lots of them are from drums I have purchased second-hand and are beyond thrashed. I have a few homemade rings and am good on that front. Dan
  3. equipmentdork

    Identity of this Zildjian

    Reminds me of one of those Edge cymbals, just guessing. Dan
  4. equipmentdork

    What to do with used heads?

    I'm sure all of us have sweated this issue. It would be nice to recycle, but there's that pesky hoop problem, and let me tell you that I will be worm food long before I ever cut the hoops off. Not really looking for funky art projects or anything flowerpot-related. Any suggestions? Dan
  5. equipmentdork

    OT - dealing with self centered friend

    I've had family members, friends, and even my future in-laws with this. Everyone says the same thing: they weren't always like this. My theory is that NPD is degenerative and appears to get worse as one gets older. I asked my therapist about it and she said, "It's an untreated mental disorder...
  6. equipmentdork

    Paiste White Cymbals

    There was a big difference between the natural 900s and the Colorsound ones, and I still ended up selling them. The hats were quite nice, though. Dan
  7. equipmentdork

    What effects have age had on the sound of your drums?

    I recently had to pull out my Premier Heritage Club mini-kit (Artist Birch shells) for a low volume rehearsal. Years ago, I never made a love connection with the 6x10" tom, so I put it off to the side. When I grabbed it again Sunday, to save room, it sounded markedly better than what I...
  8. equipmentdork

    OT - dealing with self centered friend

    I'd be sold on that. He has problems...and you can't help him, so unless you have a incessant need for his blather, it's time to get going. Dan
  9. equipmentdork

    Vintage drums on SNL

    I really enjoyed that! Dan
  10. equipmentdork

    OT - dealing with self centered friend

    A close friend and I were recently discussing a mutual friend. and we pretty much concluded that he is a narcissist--in that he satisfies the criteria. A lot of these personality disorders are on a "spectrum", so your friend, while he endlessly self-aggrandizes, may not technically rise to the...
  11. equipmentdork

    Paiste White Cymbals

    I'm surprised at how much I dislike the sound, but it's all opinion. Dan
  12. equipmentdork

    Barry Keane – Recording Lightfoot’s ‘Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald’

    There really can be something magical about a first take. This proves it! Thanks for posting. Dan
  13. equipmentdork

    18” rides?…..who loves ‘em….who uses ‘em?

    I dig my late model A Zildjian Crash Ride, and the funky sounds of the Uptown Ride, too. Both 18". Dan
  14. equipmentdork

    What is your Main cymbal setup for gigs

    14" Zildjian New Beats 16" and 18" Sabian Medium-Thin Crashes 21" Sabian Universal Ride 16" Paiste PSTX Swiss Thin Crash (optional) I can get anything done with this setup. Dan
  15. equipmentdork

    Karen Carpenter is highly underrated

    I think among drummers, women like Karen and Evelyn and Ruth are recognized, but for what it's worth, the public, at least the people I encounter have little to no idea. They might know a You Tube kid, but that's it. Usually, I'll post a Karen C. video that knocks them for a loop. This has...
  16. equipmentdork

    Ian Paice's practice routine

    Ian is awesome. Thanks for posting. Dan
  17. equipmentdork

    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    I'm going to go with Ian Mosley of Marillion. The proof is in the sound. Just listen: Script for a Jester's Tear - Prog rock bar band that got lucky. Loping, loose drum tracks(Garden Party? Really?) Fugazi onward - Arena-ready, tight progressive band. A chops monster on the kit. Dan
  18. equipmentdork

    Hats feel on Simple minds "Don't you forget about me" ?

    I've always heard it as 8ths with overdubbed 16ths; I hear them flam every so often. Mel Gaynor is a huge influence on my playing. Great chops but also a fire, that indefinable something, that makes you sit up and take notice. I'll go as far as to say that the band might not have broken through...
  19. equipmentdork

    Black Pinstripe Reso Head?

    For a brief time, I had black ambassadors on top and black Pin Stripes on the bottom of my Recording Customs. I thought they sounded good with that combination, though it initially left me scratching my head(no pun intended). The issue was that I was pitting the ambassadors. in 1988 I was a...