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  1. Lennykenard

    ISO of a TAMA Starclassic Performer B/B Cultured Grain-Indigo Burl Burst Snare Drum.

    Looking to complete the set that I have. I know it’s a lonnggggggg shot that anyone has one, but I gotta ask! It’s 14x5.5. My understanding is that they only made 20 snares in this finish. I purchased a shell pack in this finish from a DFO member a little while back, and I already had a 10 and...
  2. Lennykenard

    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash(es) Question

    Hello all! I’ve been rocking some K Custom Dark 14” hats, and a 20” ride since about 2007. I currently use an 18” A Custom crash with my setup, but I’m finding it to be too bright for some of the music I’m playing (British Brass Band, and pit orchestra). I’ve been eying up getting another K...
  3. Lennykenard

    A question regarding the TD 50x upgrade.

    I have 2 of the td50 modules, and I’m interested in downloading and upgrading to the td50x. My questions is, do I need to pay for it twice? As in per module? Or can I buy it once and use it on both modules? Thanks!
  4. Lennykenard

    Got myself a couple additions to my ekit! Too excited to not share! What was your last great deal!?

    Got myself a couple Roland pads. Both used…CY18DR and PD140DS. The best part? Only spent a little over $200 for the pair! Hard to believe, I know. Got the ride off of eBay from a local electronics recycling company. All 3 zones work great, but a piece fell of the bottom around the edge and now...
  5. Lennykenard

    Question about Tama Silverstar Mirage

    So I bought a 7 piece Tama Silverstar Mirage kit from Guitar Center over the weekend. The list said that there are 10,12,13,14,16 toms, 22” kick, and a 14” snare. However, I cannot find anything about a 13” tom anywhere! Not sure if it’s real, or a GC wrong listing. I know I’ll find out the...
  6. Lennykenard

    Wanted: Tama Warlord Spartan

    Looking for a Tama Warlord Spartan to go with my Valkyrie, Masai, and Athenian. See them on eBay once in a while, but it’s either not in the USA, or the price is jacked up. Would obviously love a Praetorian or Titan, but them is mighty expensive. Send me a pm if you got one of these! Thanks!