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  1. Santino

    Gio Cymbals looking for endorsers....on Craigslist near you!

    Saw this ad on Craigslist and had to share. I'm sure it's listed near you as well. If not, here's my local link - Seems like the same endorser business model as Soultone where you buy at a discount...
  2. Santino

    1950's Premier Kit on CL?

    I've seen some of the love Premier gets here. Thought somebody might be interested in this kit/project. (50's per the CL post) I'm not a Premier guy and could use an education on why the FT lugs differ. Also, I've never seen a blue sparkle wrap fade like this kit but the Chrome is impressive...
  3. Santino

    OT - I Named Him Ringo

    I've been a dog guy all my life and I've only had German Shepherds or Golden Retrievers. The shepherds for security and the retrievers for upland bird hunting. (Very Underrated field dogs) I've always named my dogs after musicians. There was Miles, Dizzy, Coltrane, Nils, Bruford and Ella...
  4. Santino

    WFL Snare Interior

    A while back, I came across what I thought was a Ludwig Pioneer in a local music store. Normally, I would have kept walking but it was Black Oyster Pearl. Badge was missing but the wrap looked original. I asked how much, they said $99 and I forked it over, happily. I took it home without...
  5. Santino

    Gretsch Renown Maple or Mapex Saturn V

    Fairly new to the forum, but I see that Gretsch gets lots of love. Haven't seen much love for Mapex. I've been a Yamaha fan for decades. Still have a MC kit that my wife will sell or burn when I die. It's been retired from gigging and replaced with a D-Dub Collectors. In short, I'm retiring...