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    Camco LA Drums

    Joe does. Scroll back to the first page and look for the comment by JoLo
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    Jasper supplied shells to the following Gretsch - 3 ply and 6 ply Leedy & Ludwig - 3 ply George Way - 3 ply and 4 ply Camco ( Oaklawn & Chanute) 4 ply and 6 ply Rogers - 3 ply Fibes ( Austin) - 6 ply There may have been others but those are the ones I know about.
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    Happy Birthday Viola Smith - Here’s her Billy Gladstone Snare Drum

    That Chicago Show was the show of 3-Ways in Joe’s booth!
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    Ludwig Trans badge ....

    Here’s my buddy’s drum. We noticed it has a bit of a flange on the grommet on the interior much like your drum has.
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    Ludwig Trans badge ....

    Paul, Thanks for this thread! I bought mine around 4-5 years ago. I haven’t played it since I first bought it. After digging mine out and tuning it up after taking photos for this thread I’m wondering why I’m not playing this drum!
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    Ludwig Trans badge ....

    Here’s mine. Looks legit to me.
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    It seems original George Way drums are starting to gain some ground! I just picked this one up for roughly $700
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    Camco throw parts- what are these?

    Those are parts from a 701 Super. It was followed by the 99 Super. IMO the 701 Super is a better strainer than the 99 Super.
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    Maxwell repro parts?

    Not exactly It was simply to save money. But they’ve had nothing but problems ever since!
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    Is there any way to age/fade new sparkle/glitter wrap?

    That's more of age, darkening than being faded by sunlight. Fading new wrap might not get the results you want. I would take the sample and put it on a roof, metal would be ideal. Then check it everyday taking notes of how many days plus hours of sunlight. If it fades close to the desired...
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    Is there any way to age/fade new sparkle/glitter wrap?

    You can get modern wraps to fade. The best way is to lay them out on a roof in the summer. A metal roof is most ideal but any roof will do. Check on it every day or so. It may take several days because of the UV protectant but it will fade. If the wrap is already on a drum it is much harder to...
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    Vintage Gretsch bad years/eras?

    I personally avoid monster mount Gretsch kits but other than that I've had very good experiences from all eras of Gretsch drums!
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    Reproduction Round Badges?

    I bought some years ago when I was refurbishing / restoring a RB kit. The badges I received were dead on replicas of original ones. But Gretsch shut them down right after I got mine. I have no idea how current ones measure up.
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    R.I.P. Eddie Knight - Camco Endorser/Dealer, Educator, Band Leader, Entertainer, Comedian

    Great tribute my friend! I always enjoyed Sundays at the Chicago Show as I knew Eddie was gonna be at your booth. I had him sign the inside of my Camco snare that has a Eddie Knight School Of Drumming stamp on it. It was a really cool moment and I will cherish that memory! I will miss him dearly.
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    1959 Ludwig / Late 1940’s Slingerland Player Kits.

    Looks cool either way. But the Rogers mount does give it a bit more mojo!
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    1959 Ludwig / Late 1940’s Slingerland Player Kits.

    That's very cool! My 1959 bass drum has had not 1, not 2 but 3 different rail mount locations! There are a few other extra holes on top as well. All holes were filled. I did think about switching it back over to a rail but that would involve patching much larger holes! So for now the mount...
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    1959 Ludwig / Late 1940’s Slingerland Player Kits.

    It was $1000 for the Ludwigs. It’s black wrap but it has this wavy ness to it that makes it look like lacquer. Normally I wouldn’t pay that much for a player’s kit but like you said, these have a little something extra.
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    1959 Ludwig / Late 1940’s Slingerland Player Kits.

    It was a good day today at the local drum shop on two kits that didn’t break the bank. I’ve always admired guitar players that play those worn player guitars. Mint stuff is great but sometimes I want to lay into a kit that looks like it’s logged in a million miles. It’s a fine line between cool...
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    Tama Pat 30 :You Need Three To Make A 3-Way

    Definitely! I always think of Ludwig first as a great snare drum company. Tama is second on my list for snare drums, although not so much currently. Back in the 80’s thru the early 90’s Tama had quite the snare drum roster. Many choices with many options as well. Superstars were my first love...
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    Tama Pat 30 :You Need Three To Make A 3-Way

    I purchased my first Tama 3-Way thru EBay while I was at the Chicago Show in 2019. I have since bought 2 more. The most recent one I bought is a Pro Custom w/ the Pat 30 lugs (3-way). It dates around 1983 or so and came with that unique bag. Judging by the strainer of the one on the left, I’m...