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  1. Lennykenard

    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    The Rev. Avenged Sevenfold has not been the same (at least for me) since his passing.
  2. Lennykenard

    What is your Main cymbal setup for gigs

    14” K Custom Dark Hats 20” K Custom Dark Ride 18” A Custom Crash
  3. Lennykenard

    ISO of a TAMA Starclassic Performer B/B Cultured Grain-Indigo Burl Burst Snare Drum.

    Looking to complete the set that I have. I know it’s a lonnggggggg shot that anyone has one, but I gotta ask! It’s 14x5.5. My understanding is that they only made 20 snares in this finish. I purchased a shell pack in this finish from a DFO member a little while back, and I already had a 10 and...
  4. Lennykenard

    History of the Kent Drum Company 1946-1977 (Now on Sale!)

    Just picked up two more copies from the Lockport Music Center! Great Xmas presents!
  5. Lennykenard

    Need a Crash to Match This Ride

    K custom darks are great. Just got a 16” and it’s quite low pitched, with a fast attack and quick decay. Great cymbal, great series of cymbals.
  6. Lennykenard

    The winner of the Gretsch marquee snare is.........

    Not to be that guy, but @Rick Jones1, was first seen July 28, 2007. And last seen July 28, 2007. Edit: Clicking on his name took me to a different profile. Never mind. Congrats!
  7. Lennykenard

    SOLD Ludwig Atlas Arch,3 Atlas mounts,2 tom arm

    Wow. Wish this was available a month ago haha. Just finished up a new build where I used a bunch of this stuff! GLWS.
  8. Lennykenard

    16” Zildjian K Light Hats

    Pm sent
  9. Lennykenard

    My cymbal storage

    I get where you’re coming from! I have a little bit of desiccant in my bags for moisture, I do my best to make sure my cymbals don’t touch when stored, and I prefer to lay them flat when possible. I always get a little scared when I see them being stored vertically, with a rod, with all the...
  10. Lennykenard

    My cymbal storage

    Considering how this seems to be how Zildjian stores their cymbals, it seems like it’s fine to keep them stood up on edge? But what do I know!?
  11. Lennykenard

    Cymbal Packs..Is there usually one clunker in there?

    I’ve used my 14” K Custom Hi Hats in so many settings…rock, metal, jazz, brass bands, musicals/pit orchestras, huge venues, small venues…etc. Such a versatile set of cymbals. I’m sorry yours didn’t work well for you!
  12. Lennykenard

    What snare drum really stands out for you?

    For me it’s the Tama Warlord series. I know many people think they are gaudy, or down right ugly. Not me tho! I currently own the Valkyrie, Spartan, Masai, and Athenian. The Valkyrie was my first big drum purchase ever. Used it for year. Such a huge sound. HUGE. Sometimes too much so. Recently...
  13. Lennykenard

    SOLD Zildjian cymbals

    Interested in the spiral! Maybe the flash splash too.
  14. Lennykenard

    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash(es) Question

    I checked out two different 18s at guitar center. 1 new (2021). 1 used (2020). Remarkably different sound. The new one was much higher pitched than the used one. Didn’t fall in love with it, and I don’t like buying new cymbals personally. Imma stick with my Medium Thin for my 18”. BUUUUUTTTTTT...
  15. Lennykenard

    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash(es) Question

    I do currently have a 18” Dark Medium Thin crash. It sounds great, and is really close to what I’m looking for. It’s got lots of patina and a great sound, but is a bit drier than I want for this project. And I ain’t gonna clean it! Haha. I’m gonna check out Guitar Center today and get a listen...
  16. Lennykenard

    Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash(es) Question

    Hello all! I’ve been rocking some K Custom Dark 14” hats, and a 20” ride since about 2007. I currently use an 18” A Custom crash with my setup, but I’m finding it to be too bright for some of the music I’m playing (British Brass Band, and pit orchestra). I’ve been eying up getting another K...
  17. Lennykenard

    The cymbal that got away …..

    It’s okay! I appreciate the look out.
  18. Lennykenard

    The cymbal that got away …..

    Mine, while not nearly as exotic or even slightly hard to find, was a 10” A Custom Splash. I was strapped for cash, and sold it for around $80 (if I recall). It was really just such a nice splash. Good splashy splash, if you know what I mean. Have since bought other ones trying to find that...
  19. Lennykenard

    Annual fundraiser and giveaway....

    Well, it was finally time to become a supporting member. Thanks to everyone on this forum. So much knowledge and help. I appreciate you all!
  20. Lennykenard

    6 ply ash shells...needing re-rings or no re-rings?

    I was questioning this myself recently. I bought 3 drums from Nordic. 8x12 rack tom, 14x14 floor tom and a 14x18 bass. Got 6 ply for the toms, and 8 ply for the bass drum. All mahogany, with the outer ply being walnut. Even at 8 ply is was a bit concerned about the bass drum, because I knew I...