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  1. Lazmo

    I've started trading kits lately with my local drum shop

    Ha ha Dan... I bet your local drum shop loves you more.
  2. Lazmo

    Is Phil Rudd possibly the Greatest Australian Drummer?

    Phil Rudd is likely the greatest Australian ACDC type drummer, but greatest Australian drummer... I doubt it, not that it is a race. As mentioned above, there are plenty of great Aussie drummers, but my favourite is Mark Kennedy. In the 70's when Ayers Rock played at the Uni where I was...
  3. Lazmo


    Yep, sure do. Drums, guitar, bass and vocals. Started on drums... from '68 to '81. Gigged a bit, but small time. Then a major motorcycle accident left me incapable of drumming. Took up guitar, and loved it, still do. Gigged a lot as a guitarist. My Y2K guitar gig arrives, but the drummer...
  4. Lazmo


    Well, my mates trusty Fender Bassman, which has lived in my music room for many many years, won’t be available soon, so I needed to get a new bass amp. So, after much research, I picked up a Warwick Gnome 200watt Class D head today. It’s about the size of a paperback, and although it is quite...
  5. Lazmo

    Any other Rickenbacker fans here?

    My dearly departed Mate... one of the funniest, upbeat and positive, get people going, most amazing and talented frontmen I've ever gigged with, was totally at one with his Rickenbacker bass. I can't imagine him playing anything else. He always sounded great with it and I miss him so.
  6. Lazmo

    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    Yep, it was Benny Greb using a 10 and a 16, that put me onto it. You don't play a tune with your toms when you go between them... it is just high and low.
  7. Lazmo

    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    As they are now... the rack is now a 10" Mapex I think and I love love love the natural octave difference to the 16" floor. Snare is a 6.5" Tama Soundworks Maple... love it.
  8. Lazmo

    The Official DFO RANDOM DRUM PHOTO Thread!!!!

    $200 ... had been in a church since 1988. OK, the Supra was mine.
  9. Lazmo

    So How's About An Odd Meter Jazz Combo Jimi Hendrix Remix??

    I love it... and am in awe of it all... but I have say. Thank Dog that most music is not like this, as I'd never get a gig. :)
  10. Lazmo

    So How's About An Odd Meter Jazz Combo Jimi Hendrix Remix??

    Awesome as always...
  11. Lazmo

    Looking at getting into bass

    Yes, you may want to look at 3/4 size basses, particularly if you are a guitar player already. A mates Fender Precision has lived in my music room for years, and it is trusty and sounds great, but a while ago a Fender Squire Classic Vibe Mustang bass visited my music room for a jam, and when it...
  12. Lazmo

    Adding output power to a guitar amp?

    Effects Send is generally the Pre-amp out... so you could send that to another amps Power-amp Return and then to a speaker cab. Or buy a bigger amp... A + 1 same same as drums, or guitars, or bikes, or...
  13. Lazmo

    Lost my Mom

    Hi Bandit, I'm sorry for your loss. My condolences...
  14. Lazmo

    Wet Dry guitar amps… wow

    Well, it’s been a while, since going Wet/Dry with my guitar amp setup… and I’ve been through a few iterations during the journey. After going to the split signal approach, initially with a home-made one, I ended up ponying up the money for a real buffered A/B/Y with phase switch and ground...
  15. Lazmo

    Keith Carlock

    Yep, saw him with SD with some corporate tickets, a lavish everything supplied scenario, quite a few years ago now. This may sound harsh, and I'm a huge SD fan, but honestly they were average at best, maybe an off night... and it would have sounded like elevator music, if it wasn't for Keith...
  16. Lazmo

    Doing guitar and bass setups… and I’m getting pretty comfortable with it

    A few years ago, while researching setting up my own guitars, I stumbled across a website on the subject by Bryan Kimsey. The information he provided was invaluable, and the fact that he measured the guitars vital statistics using automotive feeler gauges, which allowed a significantly higher...
  17. Lazmo

    Most Offhanded Compliment

    I was the house drummer for my mates open mic, for about a year. This old, but very well off gentleman, always sat at a table on his own, off to the side. He regularly joked with me that I was his "second favourite drummer" Over time we became friends, and he explained to me that he also had...
  18. Lazmo

    Who was responsible for more drum sales. Krupa, Rich, or Ringo?

    Richard Baxter... Wailin Smash...
  19. Lazmo

    What guitar strings to get?

    I'm, in Melbourne. But yeah, back then the smoke was super bad with that lot of fires... we were camping up the NSW coast, and ended up heading south
  20. Lazmo

    What guitar strings to get?

    I LOVE Australia... Did you live or travel here...?