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    Joke Thread

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    Trying to wrap my head around Sabian SR2's

    I have a 20" Thin that I bought to use as a crash. I put small amount of tape on it and it makes a great Ride! I love it. Don't mind the look. I had a 16" or 18" Medium that sounded pretty nice, but it didn't fit what I was looking for so I sold it. I've heard great sounding SR2's and crappy...
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    Bass Drum Hoops and heads

    Which pic is of the MIJ hoop? I'm very interested, Ray
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    SOLD Snare stand

    Just a bump for this snare stand. I have one of these and they're great stands. They're a bit heavy but totally worth $20.00!
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    Uses for used drumsticks

    Great for tall plants that need a boost Our tenants dog likes to chew on them too
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    Do I need a tuning device?

    I have a Drum Dial and like it. I have tinnitus and hearing loss so sometimes it just helps to have a tool. I have never used the Drum Bot though and am interested. Just fyi on the DD. When you make a change to a lug, you have to lift the DD off the head to get an accurate reading. It's a...
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    Way OT: 7 into 28 (Time for a laugh)

    Just in case some here are too young to know about that
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    Way OT: 7 into 28 (Time for a laugh)

    Comedy genius. Comedy isn't what it used to be.
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    Suggestions On Drumming Space

    This is exactly what I was thinking when I read you have a spare room right in the house already. A big plus is the kitchen is right down the hall! No option is going to be cheap when it comes to drums. How about giving lessons to help with the cost?
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    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    That's just a neat as hell looking drum. Congrats on that!
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    What did the drummer call his twin daughters?

    A friend of mine worked the as stage crew for a LW show a long time ago. Not the wholesome group you'd think they would be from their appearance. Most of the members fought and snipped at each other all day long.
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    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    It's been really interesting to see what people think what is the HG of snare drums. Some kind of generic answers, some really interesting, like Carl Palmers Paiste snare, and of course Buddy's Fibes. I guess this is ended up being "if you could have any snare drum in the world to either play...
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    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    Yes I like that one! Wonder where that one is. Probably in the BR Vault.
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    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    I'd agree on this! It's what I imagine it would be. It's sitting in someone's garage in Santa fe and I'm going to find it at an estate sale and snag it. HA!:hello1:
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    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    I would agree with the value of Ringo's snare. I guess what I've had in mind is the rarest of the rare. Like a Gladstone that went missing and has 'that' sound that no matter who plays it, it stands out as "Yes that's the sound I'm looking for' kind of thing. BTW, does anyone know what happened...
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    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    There are constant posts about snare drums: what's the best metal/wood; how many lugs; what brand, the best for jazz/rock/etc. So it's got me thinking. Is there a Holy Grail of Snare drums? There's only one made or one left, the One that has a mythical background, it's stored somewhere that...
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    OT: Any Santa Fe peeps here? Looking for suggestions on active things to do

    Hey Dan, I live in Taos! Welcome to the high desert! Hiking in Santa fe: Aspen trail which is on the way to the ski valley. Aspens are starting to turn so that would be a beautiful moderate hike. The coffee school bus hasn't been seen for a while so that's a question mark on that one. But the...
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    Need help with 80s outfit

    An option to parachute pants are tight jeans with white, high top sneakers. High Top Sneakers Scroll down to see the pic of Chris Hayes sitting with his guitar to see how they should go together: High tops and jeans Plenty of suggestions here, especially the hair. Check out the drummer and...
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    OT: Left the drum room door open again...

    If you can't fix it with duct tape you haven't used enough! ;)
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    Tama Mastercraft Steel, 6.5 x 14 and One-Touch Tone Control

    I love those old Tama drums. Brings back memories walking into the local music store and being blown away by them. I bet that feels good to have that cleaned up and working. Way to go, nice job!