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  1. Spoonman

    DW Craviotto Snare - FOR SALE

    Built May 20, 1998 14x5.5 with chrome hardware, not brass, which is all in great shape! Prefer to sell locally (Seattle) but will ship within continental US for $50 or so (Florida or Maine might be a bit more) DFO member price is $950 + shipping Available to answer questions. Not really being...
  2. Spoonman

    Found! No Longer Wanted - Zildjian 13” New Beats

    As the description says, I am looking for a pair of 70’s - 80’s pair of New Beat hats. 13inch is ideal. Thanks All!
  3. Spoonman

    How do I change my profile name?

    I want to edit my profile name, but keep all my contact info the same. Can I do that without eliminating my history?
  4. Spoonman

    *SOLD* FOR SALE - Yamaha Cocktail Kit - Club Jordan

    2nd owner, Fun kit to play at home or small venues/outside BBQ’s, etc. Minor wear. Comes with padded, wheeled bag for easier storage and carry. Cymbals, and aux percussion shown not included. $1,600 Local Sale Desired, PNW. Will ship continental US Only - buyer to cover cost. Will ship in...
  5. Spoonman

    SOLD - Ludwig 6.5 x 14 Concert / Rock Snare (late 70’s early 80’s)

    Freshly detailed and cleaned Ludwig 6-PLY SHELL with CLEAR MAPLE INTERIORS, 10-LUGS, P-85 STRAINER and internal MUFFLER! This is a 6.5 x 14 snare. Has brand new heads and PureSound strainer. Everything else appears to be original. BLUE & OLIVE BADGE SERIAL # 3049017 MADE in CHICAGO $375 +...
  6. Spoonman

    *SOLD* 1970’s b/o Ludwig Hollywood +1 drum set - 22/18/16/13/12

    1970 Ludwig Classic Ludwig Bowling Ball Blue Hollywood drum set born in the fall of 1970. This has all the warmth, mojo from the late 60's to 70's - it sounds amazing with the projection of maple and warmth of poplar! You really need this! Minor wear and aging you expect from 50 year old...
  7. Spoonman

    Ludwig Wrap - is this black cortex or something else?

    Hello Forum, I bought this late 70’s early 80’s 6.5x14 snare the other day...rivets and all. Description was black cortex. When I opened the box and looked at the wrap under the light, it almost looks like a dark mahogany cortex of sorts, but I cannot figure out what this wrap is called. It...
  8. Spoonman

    Size Conundrum - 14" & 16" floors or 16" & 18" floors?

    First time throwing a topic on the DF - This is self-centered, as I am going to be buying a new Legacy Classic set with 12" & 13" toms and 22" bass, just debating on whether to go with 14" and 16" floor toms or sticking with my regular 16" and 18" configuration. I have had a 15" and 16" combo...
  9. Spoonman

    DW Natural Satin Drum Set 1997

    Original Owner looking to part with this great DW set. Natural Satin finish, great sizes. Built in 1997, they have minor wear and tear from studio and live gigging over the years. New heads and ready for a new experience. 5x14 8x10 9x12 13x15 14x16 16x20 Not interested in shipping. Puget...