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  1. phdamage

    New snare - Sakae Steel 6.5" x 14"

    i had bought this exact snare on clearance about two years ago. I really never got along with it and ultimately sold it. Too much ring for me - I tried a ton of heads. It was awfully nice to look at and I did love the hardware, tho! Kept the drum key - too cool looking to let go of. That...
  2. phdamage

    Inde aluminum kit owners

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on one of these. I'm curious what depths you went with. I'm thinking of what I'm used to: 22x16, 16x16 and 13x9. Josh seems to encourage folks to get shallower kicks. I've only had one 14" deep kick - a 70s Rogers kit. I liked it just fine, but preferred...
  3. phdamage

    SOLD: Sakae stainless steel snare 14 x 6.5"

    Yikes. Forgot to update. This sold! Apologies
  4. phdamage

    rug for under kit

    I actually have a 2x4 screwed into the front of my rug - I have a door strike plate under the screws so they don’t tear the rug. I think I push forward with my right foot more than most drummers. I had an elaborate duct tape solution that usually worked in a pinch but this is far better.
  5. phdamage

    Compressor on Kick or Share?

    Yeah, the 2108 was based on the 1108 from way back, I believe. I owned it a couple times but used prices got so high I couldn’t justify keeping it. UA didn’t make them long - I heard they were awfully costly to make as well. AudioScape make a similar pre - the v108. It was plenty close enough...
  6. phdamage

    Compressor on Kick or Share?

    absolutely! Unless Bluey is very different, 1176 style comps have so much gain on tap, you can use them as mic pres - not for condensers, obv (no phantom power). I do it all the time with my Hairball and Audioscape units.
  7. phdamage

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    Pretty late posting this (just had a kid!) but had a great transaction with Stretch Riedle - bought an inde aluminum snare from him. Arrived promptly and as described. Great, clear communication throughout. Thanks!
  8. phdamage

    Compressor on Kick or Share?

    Def use the bluey on snare, though I would prob just use it as a mic pre
  9. phdamage

    Offbeat Drum Co copper snares

    Am I wrong thinking these have wood bearing edges as well? Maybe it was just an odd angle of some photos I saw, but that is for sure what it looked like
  10. phdamage

    Yamaha 8000's (Tour Series)

    This still confuses the hell outta me! Is there any thread/site that spells out the progression of all of the Yamaha 8000/Tour lines? Been searching and coming up empty so far. what are identifiers for the more desirable 8000/Tour Customs? Rectangle badge?
  11. phdamage

    DW 5000

    Maybe I just play differently than most but I’ve played dw5000 pedals for most of my 26ish years of drumming and I’ve broken a million pieces on them. A few years ago, I actually managed to Frankenstein together 3 whole pedals from carcasses I had lying around! This was no easy task considering...
  12. phdamage

    The Snare drum Holy Grail

    I would encourage you to check out a Gretsch solid aluminum. I bought it on a bit of a whim and it beats out some heavy hitters in my studio often
  13. phdamage

    EBAY/CL/STUPID DOTD and other sites DEAL ALERTS for modern drums!

    whoa! i may have gotten the last of that 20" A custom! Thanks for the heads up!
  14. phdamage

    About to upgrade kick drum mic’s

    it definitely depends on what kinda kick sound you want. The Beta 52/D6/D112/e902 will work quite well for most productions and can be pretty flexible in that regard, but you will likely wanna EQ the hell out of them, depending on what you're after. Definitely the way to go if you just wanna...
  15. phdamage

    5” Supra. Why can’t I get into it?

    Same, here! Sold mine but gonna keep my LM402 I just can’t dig any snare that is less than 6.5” deep - 7” being my pref
  16. phdamage

    The SnareBuzz plug-in

    i saw this advertised and thought, "how stupid." however, i completely forgot about it and comically clicked on this, hoping someone made a plugin to eliminate it from tracks, specifically! granted, i think they just call that a gate
  17. phdamage

    Drumming is a dangerous sport!

    I’ve had my share of smashing my finger/knuckles on rims and caught my fingernails on the edge of some cymbals. however, my worst experience was actually practicing in a rehearsal spot in Manhattan by myself, I had a piece of my stick splinter off and get in my eye. It may not sound so bad, but...
  18. phdamage

    The BEST sounding snare drum, the WORST sounding snare drum

    Plenty of snares recorded in the B Room at Electrical Audio would make the best list for me - I think it would be difficult to get one to sound bad in there, honestly worst for me might be the snare sound on the Rites of Spring LP. it literally sounds like a bucket crossed with a pizza box.
  19. phdamage

    So who are you guys behind the screen name?

    I'm Steve. early 40s in Philly - former New Yorker, though. Been playing drums since 1995 or so. Played in touring hardcore and punk bands consistently since, though my touring years are over. Toured an awful lot from the late 90s til around 2009 or so. Lots of tours in Australia, Eupre...
  20. phdamage

    Heavy 66 pound snare drum

    wild. i have an ungodly 38 lbs snare a friend made me from a cold rolled steel pipe. it gets used on occasion at the studio - it's loud as hell and super dry - but it's mostly a conversation piece. i've already replaced parts on my dw 9300 since getting it. cannot imagine what a 66 pounder...