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    Ludwig flush base cymbal part

    Hi, I'm looking for the middle section of a 60s Ludwig flush base cymbal stand. I have a good base & upper section. Let me know thanks! Mk
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    Leedy Utility strainer

    Looking for a functional Leedy Utility strainer. One seller on Ebay has a few up but he's asking major bucks. Willing to pay a fair price, last 3 that SOLD on Ebay went for $115-120. Thanks, Mk
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    Radio King parts

    I need a few Radio King parts: 10 bass drum T rods, from the "cloud badge" era 2 muffler/tone control knobs Thanks! Mk
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    Wing screw for Gretsch floating action

    In my last move something happened to the wing screw for my Gretsch floating action pedal. These are apparently an uncommon thread as I went thru a large pile of vintage wing screws here & none worked. Also I know it's not stripped cuz I tried the wing screw from another Gretsch pedal & it...
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    UFIP Bravo flat china???

    Howdy! My 1st post in a zillion years. I've been playing & collecting vintage Italian cymbals for some years now. Recently I snagged an older UFIP Bravo 18" cymbal that appeared from the pics to be a flat ride. It showed up today & sure enough there's no bell...but it's not flat! The top side...
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    Unwarping a cymbal ?

    Folks , I picked up a few things locally including a paper thin 15" Zildjian trans stamp cymbal. This cymbal is paper thin & sounds like a Chinese cymbal, beautiful. However, its hella warped? I'm not super concerned but curious if anyone has successfully flattened an old warped cymbal...
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    50s or 70s A? The price is right for either, but is this a 50s or 70s A? I probably wouldn't make the drive for a 70s pie....but I'm gonna grab it id its a 50s! Mk
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    WTB: Leedy Utility strainer

    Title says it all, I'm trying to track down a functional Leedy Utility Strainer. Let me know, Mk
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    Vintage Premier 2000 model snare drum

    Here's a nice original Premier 2000 model snare drum. No missing parts or extra holes. Die cast hoops, slotted tension rods, aluminum shell. Even original snare wires! Wires are missing a few strands. Some chrome flaking & pitting is present but really not bad, I took pics of the worst. Great...
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    Heads for old wood hooped NON bass drums

    So I'm interested in a drum like this: I've been experimenting with wider tom intervals and have a deep love for the OLD...
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    WTB: WFL or Ludwig 12x8

    I'm looking for an old mahogany 12x8 by WFL or Ludwig. Wrapped, unwrapped, whatever. Projects ok too. Let me know, Mk
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    WTB: 1930s WFL NOB 8 lug hoop

    Howdy, I have a 1930s WFL 8 lug snare drum, Paramount model, that's missing the original Nickel/brass hoop. Its a double flange hoop. Anyone? Mk
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    WTB: set of Kent drums

    Howdy folks, I've owned & played pretty much all the old vintage drums, I love them. I've never owned a Kent set. I've been keeping an eye on Ebay but the complete sets don't turn up often. I 'm looking specifically for the thin shelled Maple drums, not the later Japanese ones. I want a 20"...
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    Vintage UFIP hats & 20" Zildjian trans stamp

    Howdy folks, a few things to sell: 1)old UFIP 14" hi hats, 964/1200g, these are the Bravo series. They have a real "new beat" vibe going on, good medium set of hats here, lots of patina, center hole on top hat has a few cracks that have been there for many years, they were like that when...
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    80s Yamaha Recording Custom snare

    Hi folks, I recently acquired an older Yamaha Recording Custom snare. It needs some help. It looks like the butt side is missing something? Also, did these have special wires or can I use regular ones? I'd like to bring this back from the dead, intrigued by the 8" depth & die cast hoops...
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    K Zildjian

    Folks, I had some amazing local auction scores last night, including old Gretsch's and a shopping cart with a decent sized vintage Zildjian pile....12 cymbals, some of which are old K's. I'm pretty confident on my A Zildjian stamp ID's but I haven't had many old K's....can anyone chime in...
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    20" wood bass drum hoop

    I need a 20" bass drum hoop, wood. Its for an old Ludwig but its in "players" grade condition, so I'd be down with any old decent wood hoop. I would like it to be grooved for an inlay though. Japanese is fine too. Let me know, thanks! Mk
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    ONE Ludwig club date bass drum T rod

    Hey folks, I need just ONE of the 7" T rods for a 60's Ludwig Club Date bass drum. Been stalking Ebay for weeks but nothing! Let me know, thanks. Mk
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    Old A or old Italian?

    Just picked up this old cymbal for cheap. Guy said it seemed like an old A but had no stamp. I immediately thought its probably an old Italian pie, which I love. But now I'm not sure! I can't find any evidence of an old ink stamp which the Italian cymbals often had. Measures 20" exactly, not...
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    Tosco by Sabian

    I've searched for this answer but can't find a specific answer. I know Tosco was its own company making cymbals in Italy. At some point Sabian got involved & the cymbals were still made in Italy. Was there a point at which the Tosco name was used for Canadian made cymbals? The pics are of a...