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  1. hoochymama

    Slingerland hardware SOLD

    Greetings, I have 2 straight stands,1 bass drum pedal, 1 hi hat stand, 1 cymbal arm vintage but not slingerland, ludwig cowbell and wood block holder with rogers wood block ( no cow bell), ludwig sraight cowbell holder without clamp part, and slingerland concert snare stand I cut down to hold a...
  2. hoochymama

    slingerland drums hardware SOLD

    Hello, decided to piece this out if anyone is interested, 9x13 175.00 shipped, bass drum 240.00 shipped, slingerland hardware 2 straight stands, one hi hat stand, one bass pedal, one modified snare stand (throw in), ludwig cow bell and wood block holder with the rogers wood block and a cymbal...
  3. hoochymama

    canopus custom snare drum SOLD

    Greetings canopus custom 6.5x14 thin maple shell, black sparkle lacquer, black chrome. Drum is in great condition with original heads and wires. One of my favorite canopus snares I've ever had. 425.00 shipped
  4. hoochymama

    ludwig super sensitive

    Greetings, anyone ever see this strainer? There is no plasic piece in the mechanism, I've had several of these but never one like this, it has a no serial number badge thanks if anyone knows
  5. hoochymama

    20x18 slingerland floor tom

    Greetings, this drum is in great condition. Silver sparkle, mahogany poplar three ply shell, all chrome is very good. Original heads. 400.00 plus actual shipping
  6. hoochymama

    rogers 7 line complete SOLD

    Greetings, I have a rogers 7 line in very good condition, even has original white and black snare cords. trade for sabians,, canopus, sonor...
  7. hoochymama

    21" sabian hhx legacy SOLD!!

    Greetings 21" legacy ride/crash. Awesome cymbal dark, good definition and wash, great bell, wobbly. Cymbal is in very good condition just some stick marks and faded logos, its to dark for what I'm doing now. 200.00 plus actual shipping
  8. hoochymama

    sonor prolite brass 6x14 back up! SOLD

    Greetings, took this off the market, got cold feet, but really need to part with. Sounds great just some cosmetic issues with pitting on shell and chrome. Still sounds amazing, very heavy drum. Welded shell with round over edges. Will be shipped with german snare wires not the original sonors...
  9. hoochymama

    sonor prolite brass 6x14 sold

    Greetings and salutations, 6x14 prolite brass with hella hoops. Only metal snare that has made it through the years and the best brass I've personally played , second to my favorite metal snare 2 piece ak copper, which I regret parting with as I/m sure this one as well if someone decides to take...
  10. hoochymama

    ludwig transition badge club date kit SOLD SOLD

    Greetings, this is a transition badge black and gold duco club kit (22,13,15) in working, original, decent condition. Everything is original and working including 4 calf skin heads. Paint shows wear, missing ares throughout but its very presentable. Missing a few tension washers, rubber feet...
  11. hoochymama

    trick rpm 5x13 snare SOLD

    Greetings in great condition. Generic wires installed. Awesome side snare cranked up. 250.00 plus actual shipping
  12. hoochymama

    The duallist double bass pedal SOLD

    Greetings, this is the duallist double pedal. Its in very good condition. I have always been curious on these and they do work, but really not for me. The single pedal option is very good for a main pedal. Well made, and fully functional. Worth a try if you've been wondering I just don't really...
  13. hoochymama


    Greetings to all. Taye 6x14 wood hooped aluminum snare in excellent condition. This is one of the best aluminum snare dums out there in my opinion, especially at this price. Snare is in excellent condition. Warm, sensitive, deep, cutting rim shots. Questions please ask. 250.00 plus actual...
  14. hoochymama

    22" sabian hhx complex medium ride excellent SOLD

    Greetings, this is an excellent condition 22" medium complex ride. To me its more of a general purpose "medium" ride ( go figure). Would be a one take ride option. In great condition. 250.00 plus actual shipping
  15. hoochymama

    7x13 angel segmented snare drum SOLD

    Greetings to all. I have a 13x7 angel segmented snare made with what I was told when I got it of wenge, it does look like wenge to me but I can't say for sure. Drum is in good shape ands sound good as well. Got it with the current hoops it has so I don't have the stock ones. Quality made. The...
  16. hoochymama

    sabian hand hammered 14" hi hats SOLD

    Greetings nice set of pies, no issues just patina, 160.00 shipped east coast 170 west coast
  17. hoochymama

    brady walkabout 8x14 SOLD

    sabian, canopus, sonor stuff
  18. hoochymama

    brady walkabout poplar burl 8x14 SOLD

    Greetings, 2010 first year for the walkabout series. Excellent condition, not many made 1300 shipped
  19. hoochymama

    sabian identification

    Ladies,gents. Anyone help identify these. They have what looks like a circle type machine hammereing, don't match pro,xs,b8 line. Maybe early aa line? The jazz writting is also strange, at least to me. They are pretty heavy and have a loud chick I thank you
  20. hoochymama

    sakae trilogy 24/18/13/10 SOLD

    Greetings, sakae trilogy kit in excellent condition. These drums are m/p/m with re rings and are very thin and light weight. They sound awesome. Drum are in excellent condition. Comes with two tom arms. 1080.00 plus actual shipping. I will buy a new box and ship drums nested together. I will...