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  1. LeedyGuy

    [SOLD] Paiste Masters Dark Hi-hats

  2. LeedyGuy

    22” Paiste Traditional Light Ride (2465 grams) SOLD

    Dear lord that's beautiful
  3. LeedyGuy

    Meinl Pure Alloy 14” Hi Hats

    Funny that you're comparing them to Paiste! As soon as I heard these when they came out right after I bought a set of big beats and giant beats I was like "these things are made from paiste blanks!" Dealer looked at me with wide eyes and put his hands in the air!
  4. LeedyGuy

    22” Paiste Twenty Masters Dark Ride

    If I had the cheddar!!!
  5. LeedyGuy

    ***SOLD*** Paiste 18" Giant Beat Thin

    Interesting bottom lathe!
  6. LeedyGuy


    Shotgun light flat
  7. LeedyGuy

    Paiste 602 22" P.T.

    Just WOW
  8. LeedyGuy

    WTB 22” Paiste 602 Modern Essential ride

    Arent we all
  9. LeedyGuy

    Dead Vintage Ludwig Tom

    Part of the charm of these vintage drums is figuring out where they settle in tuning wise. Hopefully wherever you can settle it is where you like it! Sometimes they seems out of tune then you beat on them for an hour and suddenly it works!!
  10. LeedyGuy

    1960s vintage Rogers Holiday set with optional extra floor tom SOLD

    I have its little sister in tower 20 12 14 14sn in blue onyx. These are million dollar sounds in a less than $1000 price tag
  11. LeedyGuy

    Sold: Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary 22” ride 2064 grams

    Am I worthy of one of these beauties???
  12. LeedyGuy

    SOLD!/Anniversary Sparkle Gretsch Broadkaster

    I think I want that cymbal bag! Drop me a message
  13. LeedyGuy

    Lots of Vintage Drum Parts, Drums and Cymbals for Sale.

    Great idea! Im subscribed
  14. LeedyGuy

    Paiste Giant Beat 15" Hi-Hat, 18"/20"/24" Multifunction Crash/Ride Set (with recording)

    Buy with confidence! I have this set of cymbals and they can almost work anywhere
  15. LeedyGuy

    Drum shops in the north east??

    Unfortunately DCP just isn't in the time table. I have to be back im NJ by saturday night and I simply cant do 8hrs in the car that day!
  16. LeedyGuy

    Drum shops in the north east??

    Nah I cant do it. I'll get to DCP someday. Never been to Alto but that's like less than am hour from me.
  17. LeedyGuy

    Drum shops in the north east??

    Thanks for the suggestion but I'm only going to Taunton, MA. I cant drive 100+ extra miles and then drive back!