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  1. Spoonman

    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    Strange considering the current situation, but I still have a show this weekend...however I am waiting for a few things to shift and have it pushed to a later date. If anyone is in the area...
  2. Spoonman

    Vintage Kent Snare

    Indeed a great story! I picked up my first Kent set in 1980 when visiting my grandparents in Lackawanna, it was a red sparkle with the blue badges. Really wish now I never sold it to the kid down the street years later…if anyone runs across a red sparkle Kent, let me know!
  3. Spoonman

    Ludwig arc spurs ?

    Suggest you take off the front head and then the Spurs to see how best to place them. Just need to make sure the Spurs angle forward when placed in the mount. I bet you can just rotate them and/or switch sides…? Others might know best..
  4. Spoonman

    DW Craviotto Snare - FOR SALE

    Photo from the 1998 DW catalog outlining options.
  5. Spoonman

    DW Craviotto Snare - FOR SALE

    Now…wouldn’t that be something if it was! (I acquired this back in mid 2010…)
  6. Spoonman

    DW Craviotto Snare - FOR SALE

    Thanks JazzDrumGuy! It’s a great snare. I just adjusted my note above, since the hardware is chrome, not brass. (That’s what I get for using my iPhone at night!)
  7. Spoonman

    DW Craviotto Snare - FOR SALE

    Built May 20, 1998 14x5.5 with chrome hardware, not brass, which is all in great shape! Prefer to sell locally (Seattle) but will ship within continental US for $50 or so (Florida or Maine might be a bit more) DFO member price is $950 + shipping Available to answer questions. Not really being...
  8. Spoonman

    Found! No Longer Wanted - Zildjian 13” New Beats

    As the description says, I am looking for a pair of 70’s - 80’s pair of New Beat hats. 13inch is ideal. Thanks All!
  9. Spoonman

    SOLD. Second pair to be listed soon. Zildjian New Beats 14" hi hats hollow ink logo ('70s?)

    Hello. Have you listed the second pair yet?
  10. Spoonman

    Time for a new cymbal bag -

    I am with you Pat…I have the same Sabian bag from 25 years ago. Does the trip, hold up just fine. One broken zipper handle that was replaced with a Zip tie, bust still holds my 22” ride and what ever else is needed. I cannot see spending a ton of cash of cash cymbal bag…but there certainly...
  11. Spoonman

    1 up 1 down is awesome!

    Indeed, I too have helped stimulate the local economy with my shell bank. But at the same time, when playing live, in mostly small clubs, and shuffling hear in between bands, I still go for the 1up and 1down set up. Sometimes 2down if the stage is bigger. Like many have said, it does promote...
  12. Spoonman

    Concert toms

    Thanks Halldorl, it’s called Bronze Mist. I have to admit, when I saw your added concert toms, it pushed me over the edge to pull the trigger and added them in! No regrets at all!
  13. Spoonman

    Cocktail Drums

    I had the yamaha club jordan cocktail kit. Great kit, compact and easy to travel with, decent for backyard, intimate, small gigs. but, as many mentioned above, standing all night is a drag, especially when your left leg and hip take all the burden. But for me, the biggest issue was trying to...
  14. Spoonman

    Concert toms

    Totally agree Halldorl! Just took delivery of a new kit, adding in the 8 & 10 concert toms for just the reasons you describe. Yes, my friend in the early 80’s had a black Octa-plus outfit…which was great at the time. Now, I find the tone and spice you can create with a concert tom is...
  15. Spoonman

    Are pub/bar gigs back yet in your area ?

    Hey Dtucci, I noticed your Inde kit…was that a wayfarer kit? How do you like it?
  16. Spoonman

    Size Conundrum - 14" & 16" floors or 16" & 18" floors?

    Thanks Old School…they really sound fantastic!
  17. Spoonman

    Size Conundrum - 14" & 16" floors or 16" & 18" floors?

    Well, I went for the 16x16 and 16x18! Ordered a Ludwig Legacy Maple in Bronze Mist. 8/10/12/13/16/18/22 and 6.5 snare. Took about 5 months but it arrived on Friday, and I just picked it up from West Coast Drums in Bellevue,WA. Can say enough about how great Chris and team are there. Here are a...
  18. Spoonman

    Anyone one else playing this weekend

    For the first time since January 20, 2020 I was able to practice, in person, no masks, with my mates! Was the most invigorating time I have had since lock down…hope everyone else has been able to get ‘back to normal’…it sure felt great.
  19. Spoonman

    Pics of your sets on stage

    An outdoor practice pic from last summer and setting up for our last real gig in January 2020. W/ Yamaha Club Jordan (it’s for sale) W/ refurbished Ludwig Standard (not available)