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  1. dsop

    Ludwig Super Series Chrome plated snare with nickel hardware

    Do you think Ludwig would make me a set of die-cast hoops in matching nickel plating?
  2. dsop

    SOLD: Yamaha Tour Custom Snare $250!!

    I'll let anyone here have it for $250, including shipping to anywhere in the U.S. or $220 if you pick it up from me in West Los Angeles. The drum has very little use, and is in "like new" condition. More info here...
  3. dsop

    [SOLD] Paiste Masters Dark Hi-hats Free shipping for DFO.
  4. dsop

    SOLD Yamaha FP-9500C single bass drum pedal I'll sell it to anyone here, if you're in the U.S.A., for $175, including shipping.
  5. dsop

    DW DWCPMCD2 Machined Pedals

    Does anyone own a set of these? If so, how do you like them, and how would you compare them to your previous pedals? I tried them at NAMM a couple years ago and they felt incredible. If not for the crazy high price, I would already own it...
  6. dsop

    OT: Independence Day

    Why do Americans say "Happy Fourth!" or "Have a great 4th of July!"? Why not refer to the holiday by its name? Isn't it Independence Day? What's next? Merry 25th? :confused2::roll::rolleyes:
  7. dsop

    Chick Corea has passed away
  8. dsop

    Pearl Redline Eliminator Single Pedal $160

    Local pickup can have it for $140. I will ship it anywhere in the U.S. for a total of $160.
  9. dsop

    [SOLD] Yamaha HS-1200 Double Braced Hi Hat Stand $170
  10. dsop

    [SOLD!] Yamaha FP-9500C Single Bass Drum Pedal Also on Reverb:
  11. dsop

    Drumhead Live

    Is anyone here watching this show online? It's really underwhelming. If this is the best we drummers can do, it's a bad sign. Just a bunch of banging on things. Even yesterday, there really wasn't much music to speak of. At one point, Gadd was playing rudiments with rubber tipped sticks, on...
  12. dsop

    [SOLD] Yamaha Stage Custom drums in Honey Amber finish 20" bass drum w/padded bag 12" tom w/mount 14" floor tom w/legs
  13. dsop

    Guitar Industry is on fire!

    Fender has sold more guitars in 2020 than any other year in its history Gibson, Taylor, Martin and others also report pandemic sales booms, with new users turning to the guitar as “six-string therapy”...
  14. dsop

    So, I was just noticing...

  15. dsop

    Drum company names

    I find it interesting that most of the American companies (and one Canadian and one Japanese) used the surname of the principal who started the business, whereas other companies used a unique name . USA: Gretsch Ludwig Slingerland Rogers Leedy Canada Ayotte Japan Yamaha Non USA: Sonor...
  16. dsop

    Paiste Masters Dark Crisp Ride 22" [SOLD]

  17. dsop

    Paiste 2002 Ride 22" [SOLD]

  18. dsop

    Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Ride 22" [SOLD]

  19. dsop

    Paiste Twenty Masters 22" Dark Ride [SOLD]

  20. dsop

    Paiste Signature Traditionals ride, crashes, and hi-hats [SOLD]

    22" Light Ride $250 [SOLD] 20" Thin Crash $200 [SOLD] 18" Thin Crash $175 [SOLD] 17" Thin Crash $150 [SOLD] 14" Medium Light Hi-hats $200 [SOLD] If you need actual photos, I'll take some for you. Local pickup in Los Angeles please. I'm near Westwood & Santa Monica. I also have a Paiste 602...