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    Less DW Exposure on TV?

    I’m seeing less DW kits on TV whether it be commercials or shows with bands. I know NYE there was a band performing and the drummer was playing Pearl. Just saw a commercial with Tama drums. Not a big deal but are drummers finally waking up to other drums than DW?
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    USA Drum Shell Company?

    Maybe I miss something about this along the way, but just saw something on Facebook about this company. Anyone have any info? Website not up yet.
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    GMS Snare

    Looking for a preferably 13” GMS snare although 14” would work. My kit is a Kelly green finish but natural maple would also be fine. Hit me up with anything you have or a source. Do have stuff for trade or cash only. Thank you.
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    Extended Snares

    Know this has been discussed in the past but maybe some updated information is available. Need the extended snare wires for a WFL Buddy Super Classic snare. This has the P87 strainer and the P88 butt. I know Puresound made a replacement (PL3 1416) but no longer does. I have also read that a...
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    Acro Prices

    Wow! Can’t believe how much Acros are going for! I know they are a good all-purpose snare, but good grief some of the prices these are going for is crazy! Used to be a $150 average drum-not any more!!!
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    Pearl floor tom leg mounts

    Looking for 3 floor tom leg mounts. Prefer the LB40 or LB200 models. PM if you have any to sell
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    Yamaha Recording Custom—GONE

    No longer available
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    Sonor Phonic Shells

    Looking for some Sonor Phonic/champion toms-12” or 14”, and floor tom. Wrap could be trash as long as the shell is good. Prefer hardware on the shells (lugs, mount). Single head. Not looking to spend a great deal of money but will pay reasonable prices. Hit me up on PM if you have.
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    Ordered a brand new 10” Ludwig classic maple in black oyster Pearl finish from DCP. Received it today and took off the batter head to install an Atlas mount and viola! Ply separation and a gouge on the bearing edge. Actually two areas of ply separation. So....DCP contacted Ludwig etc etc. is...
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    Yamaha Recording Custom-GONE

    No longer available
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    To drill or not to drill?

    Picked up a Gretsch USA Custom with a virgin bass. I do not like hanging toms off the bass drum so wanting to use a Gretsch tom holder mounted to the bass drum to hold my toms. I killing the value of this kit by doing so?
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    One of those which do I keep threads

    I know, I I keep my vintage set of Yamaha 8000 tours or my Pacific CX maples in the elusive royal blue onyx finish? Live shows and mic’ed so sound not an issue per se.....let er rip!!
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    Bass Drum Hoop-24”

    Thicker to accommodate Sonor claws. Metal or wood is fine. Doesn’t have to be a showpiece-just in round and functional. PM if you have one to sell
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    Sonor parts

    Looking for the following: 2-phonic lugs (rough condition is fine) 10-phonic t’s and claws 1-24” bass drum hoop. Doesn’t Have to be Sonor but thick enough to handle Sonor claws not looking to spend a great deal of money. Hit me up if you can help.
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    PDP Platinum—sold

    8,10,12 hanging toms, 14,16 floor toms, 5.5 x 14 matching snare in excellent condition!!! $700. Will ship for extra $
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    Mapex Brass Master or Phospher Bronze

    Looking for either of the above. Will trade for a 6.5x15 Ludwig Supra.
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    PDP Platinum for Mapex Saturn

    Have a set of PDP plats-8,10,12, 14 & 16 floor toms and 22 bass I am looking to trade for an older set of Saturns with the walnut interior ply-no basswood. Hit me up if interested and we can go from there.
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    Ludwig Vistas

    14x24 bass, 16x16 floor, 8x12 and 9x13 rack toms. Typical scuffs from usage. Bass drum hoops repaired and inlays not original and need taped down. Seam crack repaired on 13” tom with scuffed badge. Tightening hex screws need replaced but will tighten with plyers. Legs and mounts included. This...
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    Ludwig muffler for vistalite

    Looking for a tom muffler for my vistas. This is the 3-hole miunting Version
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    Ludwig T’s and claws

    Looking for 10 t’s and claws in good condition and chromed-not nickel. PM if you have tomsell