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    Gold Gladstone

    Quite a drum but, no, I’m not buying it ;)
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    Johnny-Buddy Ludwig Drum Set Auction

    April 11 if you want to bid.....
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    Electronic Snare Drum

    Hi. Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a pad to use in Superior Drummer 3 via a Roland TD8? I’m looking for something with positional sensitivity that is not mesh. Yes. I like the older Roland rubber pads more than mesh. Need 13-14” width. Pearl Tru Trac dual zone pad would be fine...
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    Jack Daniels

    I purchased a bottle of Jack Daniels whiskey this evening and it comes in a drum set bag. I recall a Jack Daniels snare drum made out of a whiskey barrel by SJC Drums. Wondering if that was a 1-off, or if they are still produced? Thought maybe there might be some reason for the drum set on the...
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    Rock&Roll Road Trip - Kenny, Jason, & Sheila E

    Saw this episode of Sammy Hagar’s Rock & Roll Road Trip tonight highlighting all 3 as drummers. Wipeout at the end with all 3 drumming & Michael Anthony joining in was entertaining.
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    Baby Dodds

    The most Baby Dodds footage I have ever seen. If you have not seen, quite a treasure trove of this great drummer.
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    WFL III Drum Sets

    I just saw WFLIII drum sets are being introduced. Anyone have the details yet on their features & pricing?
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    Yamaha EAD10

    Anyone try one of these yet? If so, what are your thoughts about it. Looks intriguing for live sound reinforcement & maybe home recording, IF the digital side of it has nuance in dynamics & timbres, not just firing off single samples.
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    Original Frankenstein

    Happened to see this today & thought I'd share due to the extensive 2 drummer drum solo in it. This is before adding the synth & timbales.
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    Phil's Drums in 1994 Video

    I was watching Phil Collin's 1994 tour documentary last night and noticed him playing these drums. Does anyone know what they are?
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    Glissando Drum

    Anyone know whatever happened to the glissando drum? The concept intrigues me. A single drum to replace my multi-tom set up. Supposedly it had a 1 1/2 octave range and a snare drum could be placed so that the drum wraps around it. Be interesting to hear how it sounded compared to separate toms.
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    Steve Smith Art-Record Book

    Anybody purchase this yet? If so, wondering how you like his 12 solos. Interesting concept of combining his artwork with his drum solos. Appears to be limited edition & on vinyl only. $125.
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    Bozzio's Cymbal Set

    Thought this was interesting. A 'drum' set comprised only of cymbals courtesy of Mr. Bozzio.
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    Phil Rudd Trouble
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    Anyone playing a Firchie snare drum? If so, what are your thoughts on the Pro One drum, that rotates to change pitch? Does it change the tension on the top & bottom heads simultaneously, or just the top head? I saw a video of Dennis Chambers playing one but, until then, had never seen one...
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    Ray Luzier

    Just picked up the new KXM album. Ray is the drummer. I never listened to a lot of Korn but am really enjoying his work on KXM. Heavy use of toms for melodic rhythms, as opposed to just for fills. And some really fast single stroke fills. Great rock drummer IMHO. Any love for Ray?
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    OT: $45M starting bid....

    And we thought Craviotto's were expensive......