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    OT: Virtuosity Explained - "Lateralus" by Tool

    ....and put on your math hats! Another review:
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    OT: Analysis of RUSH

    She's a professional singer, and does many other rock band reviews, as well other stuff. What do you think of her comments?
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    Cathy Rich

    Curious.....What does Cathy Rich do for a living, other than promote her dad's legacy? Does anyone know?
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    Good For Jazz?

    No particular brand in mind. What sizes and type/style do feel are good for jazz? What do you use?
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    Very OT: Star Trek or Star Wars?

    Which of the two is your favorite? Mine is Star Trek.
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    Alerts Still There

    All of my "alerts" are still there since December 9 2021. How do I delete them and stop this from continuing to happen?
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    Raising A Marimba

    I have an old Deagan marimba and need to raise it. Any suggestions?
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    Floor Tom Next To Your Snare

    I am thinking about putting a floor tom next to my snare. For those of you that do this, what size in relation to your main floor tom do you have? Larger, smaller, or same size and tuned differently? Thanks in advance.
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    Jazz Drumming: Baby Steps to Giant Steps

    Does anyone have "Baby Steps to Giant Steps: The Road To Jazz Drumming; One Tempo At A Time" by Peter Retzlaff and Jim Rupp? I am embarking on the journey of jazz drumming and would like to know what folks think of this book. I am very casual friends with Jim Rupp and recently bought my...
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    Meinl Cymbals

    How good are Meinl B10 and B20 cymbals? What do they sound like? Good quality? I am considering a used Gretsch Catalina Special Edition and it comes with Meinl Dark cymbals.
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    I Don't Know Why.....

    .....but I've recently gotten a total fascination with Rob Zombie and Nine Inch Nails.
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    OT: Geddy Interview

    I've never seen this before. Though, a few years old.
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    OT: RUSH Beer

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    Travis Barker. Who'd Have Known?

    I commend him.
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    OT: New Cars, No CD Player

    How many of you are unhappy that you can't get a CD player when you buy a new car? I certainly am. I have several hundred and love to listen to them in the car.
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    OT: Gojira

    I know some of you are Gojira fans and some are not. I would prefer to hear from just the fans. What would be your favorite Gojira CD?
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    Why was my "marimba for sale" moved?

    Why was my "marimba for sale" moved to "everything else for sale"? It certainly isn't miscellaneous, as I read what you consider to be miscellaneous: "Post your heads, sticks, stands, pedals, parts and like items For Sale in here." A marimba doesn't even come close to this description. Please...
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    SOLD-----Musser 4.0 Octave Marimba

    I am selling a Musser 4.0 octave marimba, model number M32. The bars are made of padauk wood and it is in excellent condition. I am asking $2000 firm. Local pick-up only, and I am in the Cleveland-Akron Ohio area. Musser M32 Studio Marimba Specs: Octave Range: 4 Octaves Note Range: C3 - C7...
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    Does Your Taste In Drums Reflect Your Taste In Shoes?

    Just wondering.
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    Pasha/UFIP Cymbal

    I have a Pasha/UFIP cymbal that the hole is too small for a cymbal stand. Does anyone know of someone that can make the hole larger? Preferably a professional and someone that is in the Cleveland Ohio area. Thank you in advance.