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  1. tommykat1

    Amosguy Joins Tommykat1 In Portland For a Rogers Lovefest

    Amosguy came from Seattle for a gig in Portland Saturday 8/10. He brought his incredible refinished Rogers XP8 kit in real KOA with script badges added for accent. This is a very, very special drum set that was rewrapped by forum member Jccabinets a few years ago. Also, check out the Wildwood...
  2. tommykat1

    Re-purposing an Entertainment Center: Snare Drum Showcase w/Room For All Your Drum Paraphernalia

    So, you can pick up an "Entertainment Center" for under $100, and maybe even less, if you wait long enough for the seller to beg you to haul it away. Bottom line is, today we hang our big screen TVs from the wall, and entertainment centers have gone the way of the Dodo. But wait! If you're...
  3. tommykat1

    1967 Powertone stored unplayed in a closet for 50 years

    This is a nod to forum brother Gunnellett on his recent score of a Ludwig Acrolite "Snare Drum Kit." (He asked that i post this.) Back in the day, drum "kits" were drum "sets," and student snare-drums-in-a-case were "drum kits." Whatever! Like Gunnellett, I received my "snare drum kit"...
  4. tommykat1

    I Joined the 10k Club Today

    What did I win? :) This has been a seriously fine place to hang for the last 12 years. Thanks to everyone for being here as a sounding board on a fellow drummer's life! Note to DanRH: I will achieve my goal of catching up to you in about 20 more years, pal...
  5. tommykat1

    Okilly Dokilly - Ned Flanders Metal Band

    Okay, I'm not a metal guy, but this is hilarious...
  6. tommykat1

    OT: Netflix's Upcoming "LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS"

    This looks great! Note the "blue screen of death" shot towards the end (Windows users know what this is). Cracked me up. I did a screenshot, and here's what it reads. So cool!!!
  7. tommykat1

    What's The Music Scene Like In Birmingham, Alabama?

    My son and future daughter-in-law live in Birmingham, and I'm wondering if there are any jams and other drumming opportunities. Preferably classic rock, but blues usually rules the jam sessions I'm used to.
  8. tommykat1

    All Those Beatles Songs That Weren't...

    Ever wonder what all those Beatles songs Lennon and McCartney wrote and gave away might sound like if the Fab Four had done them? A Seattle Beatles tribute band called "Apple Jam" performed them on a CD called "Off The Beatle Track." I gave it a listen, and it's pretty impressive. I...
  9. tommykat1

    Prepare For Another Beatles Movie: "Yesterday"

    Looks like a pretty good fantasy--
  10. tommykat1

    Site is Slow & Timeouts

    Hi Mods! Proving what a great forum this is, this is the first time I've ever felt compelled to report something. Over the last few weeks, the site has slowed down considerably and there are often timeouts. Note that the DFO is the only website I'm have trouble with. It is often haphazard...
  11. tommykat1

    Anybody Burn Out?

    Okay, so this thread isn't a complaint, just an observation. I've reached a point in my playing that I'm no longer inspired and I'm burned out from: > Breaking down, loading, unloading, setting up, breaking down, loading, unloading, etc., etc. both full PA and 5 piece drum set. > As band...
  12. tommykat1

    Please Identify Mystery Snare Drum

    A friend's son scored this 6 lug chrome-over-steel mystery snare for cheap. There are no identifying marks, badges, etc. anywhere, other than a little round sticker inside that reads "PASS" (obviously a quality control item). Even the heads have no logos. It appears to be of decent construction...
  13. tommykat1

    To Port Or Not To Port

    What the sound guy never saw. Meet The Beatos. Me? For live gigs, no port. I use a Shure Beta 52a mounted inside the kick about two inches from the batter head. Saves hauling that darn little mic stand the lead singer keeps knocking over, and I don't have to worry about misplacing the silly...
  14. tommykat1

    My "New" Rogers 3 ply Mahogany Luxor

    Thanks to the eagle eye of DFO mate Powertone, here's my new arrival from Bentley's Drum Shop via Powertone shot me a PM and I hit the "buy now" button with no hesitation. Being the fortunate caretaker of both wood and COB Dynas, my current quest is to evaluate vintage Rogers snares...
  15. tommykat1

    Rogers Early Cleveland 6.5" Wood Powertone: The Unicorn Exists!

    Here's only the third 6.5" wood Powertone I've ever seen, and first in the flesh. The other two are a Fullerton blue sparkle glued to GrandpaCleve, and a red sparkle being hoarded by Powertone. :) This is an early three ply Cleveland with late unpainted clockface throwoff, tallboy hoops and...
  16. tommykat1

    Shoutout To DFO Member Steambent

    I just completed a seamless transaction with Steambent. He politely represented a very rare Rogers snare drum as a 7 out of 10. I sent him payment in advance of shipping (of course). He insured and shipped the drum via FedEx Ground, and it arrived in perfect condition three days earlier than...
  17. tommykat1

    Unique Rogers Astoria Cocktail Party From 1957

    Hey, Rogers fans, more cocktail kit magic. Two weeks ago, I posted pics of my 1960 Rogers red sparkle Parklane kit set up in stand-up Astoria configuration. Same Irish bar venue last Friday night, but I decided to play a more rare kit: my late 1957/early1958 Rogers Spotlight Astoria cocktail...
  18. tommykat1

    Rogers Astoria Stand-Up Cocktail Kit In Action

    Hey Rogers fans, here are two things you don't often see: (1) An authentic Rogers stand-up "Cocktail Outfit," and (2) A Rogers cocktail outfit actually being played standing up--a first for me. This is a 1960 Rogers Parklane kit (12-16-5 x 14) set up in Astoria fashion (16-5 x 14) with the...
  19. tommykat1

    Into The Studio...Bass Ackwards

    I play in an easy listening 3 piece band. The leader often does solo gigs, and also duo gigs with a bass player. Depending on the venue, they will add a drummer (me) or conga player. We also add background vocals. Last week, the duo went in to the studio with the conga player and laid down the...