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  1. Drumming-4-Life

    Two Tama MSL90SC Star Snare Drum Lugs

    They look like this. I would like to either buy 2 or sell 8. Star Lugs
  2. Drumming-4-Life

    WTB: Sabian Evolution Hats

  3. Drumming-4-Life

    DW Neil Peart Signature Snare Drum

  4. Drumming-4-Life

    The original Tama SLP Dynamic Bronze 14 x 5.5, 10 lug snare

    Here is a nice one :) Tama SLP Dynamic Bronze
  5. Drumming-4-Life

    Excellent Condition 18" Sabian AAX Chinese 1083 grams Nice Trashy Sound

    Here is your chance to buy an 18" Sabian AAX Chinese cymbal. This China came from another reputable DFO member. It has a nice low, trashy sound, but doesn't go with the other China I wanted to pair it with. This cymbal weighs 1083 grams, and has no cracks or bad scratches from misuse. It has...
  6. Drumming-4-Life

    SOLD - MINT Tama SLP Dynamic Bronze

    After a little research, I found this drum to be nearly impossible to find for purchase, especially in MINT condition with upgrades. You can have the drum as shown for $549 plus actual shipping, via PayPal goods and services (fee on me). For that price you get the upgraded MLS50A/B...
  7. Drumming-4-Life

    Focusrite Clarett 16 Channel Recording Set-Up with Quality Mics and Cables - All Like New

    Still available, and willing to break up the package. Let me know if you want the interfaces only, or a group of at least 5 mics and cabling.
  8. Drumming-4-Life

    Zildjian K 14” Hi Hats (brilliant)

    I know what you mean about the logos. That bothered me for the better part of 25 years. I even had fresh Zildjian and Sabian cymbals, where the fresh logo wiped off in one clean swipe, during the first cleaning. Now I remove all the logos from my Zildjians and Sabians and buff them to a...
  9. Drumming-4-Life

    DW Neil Peart Signature Snare Drum

    I wanted to see if anyone was interested in selling their DW Neil Peart Signature Snare Drum. I'm interested in either the R30, R40, or Time Machine. While I loved the album, Snakes and Arrows (and the Live version as well), I'm not a fan of the drums or signature snare. Feel free to send me...
  10. Drumming-4-Life

    4 DW/Remo Coated/Clear Drumheads... 1 New, 3 Almost New

    I have 4 DW/Remo branded drumheads... almost new. The 18" is new, unplayed (see last pic), and the 12", 14", and 16" have about 5 minutes of responsible play on them... no dents or damage. They are just too open for my liking. I went with clear Emperors instead. To buy these new from DW...
  11. Drumming-4-Life

    My new "FrankenStealth" rack... exactly what I was hoping for.

    I'm waiting for the matching Delta 2-leg hi-hat stand to arrive; should be here tomorrow. I don't think I'll be removing the 2 legs from that... unless I see a real clean way to attach it to the stealth rack. That WOULD be slick, but likely won't happen. If you want to add anything, I think...
  12. Drumming-4-Life

    My new "FrankenStealth" rack... exactly what I was hoping for.

    Are you going to add a "foot" to that wing, or simply let the vertical pipe rest on the floor? I think it will be stable either way. What clamp do you plan to put on top of the vertical pipe to hold your mounting hardware? I really like the (somewhat) newer RMAA clamp from Gibraltar... it is...