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  1. Stixnergard2

    Musicans Friend Ludwig Classic Maple Deal

    Nice pricing on several Ludwig kits through bad person Here is an example, 22,13,16 $1499.00:
  2. Stixnergard2

    Tragically Hip Farwell Concert IsTonight

    I know there are plenty of Canadians on the forum. Reminder tonight is Tragically Hip's final show after 30 years together. The show is being shown now on various TV channels and all over the web. Gord is going out in style, bummer about his health issues.
  3. Stixnergard2

    Bass Drum Mic Stand Reccomendations

    The gigs we are playing are now requiring me to start micing my kit so I bought a Shure Beta 52 for the bass drum. Now that the mic has arrived, I need to buy a dedicated short boom stand and I'm looking for ideas. Do I buy a $26.00 cast iron base model like the On Stage or buy a short tripod...
  4. Stixnergard2

    C&C a Chicago Music Exchange Exclusive

    I'm not typically a fan of single lugs drums, but this exclusive to Chicago a Music Exchange C&C oak maple version is really amazing. The drums look so right in all aspects
  5. Stixnergard2

    Wanted- Gretsch Catalina Lugs

    I need at least 1 chrome Gretsch Catalina lug to replace a broken one on our rehearsal Kit. I would consider a few extras if available. Send a PM with pricing including shipping to E. Amherst, NY 14051. Thanks, Jeff
  6. Stixnergard2

    Close out New Roland VH-12-SV hi hats $99.00

    RMC Audio Direct is closing out the Roland VH-12 hihats for $99.00. Great deal and RMC is A great company to deal with!
  7. Stixnergard2

    Musicians Friend Gretsch Renown Deal

    bad person has the Gretsch Renown Groove kit on sale. 20",10",12",14" with an add on 8" tom for $899.00. Great deal for super nice drums, I gigged mine on Saturday and really enjoyed playing them.
  8. Stixnergard2

    My roland TD-30K kit

    Earlier this summer I borrowed a Roland TD-6 kit from a band member to try out at a lake cottage I own. Noise is an issue so keeping an acoustic kit out there wasn't an option. Well now I have my own kit a Roland TD-30K with an extra cymbal added on. Originaly I thought a TD-30 kit was out of my...
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    Musicians Friend Yamaha Hardware Deals

    bad person has a legitimate sale going on for Yamaha drum hardware, free shipping no not true. I just ordered a 740 hi hat stand for $71.99 shipped free. Thought I would pass this along.
  10. Stixnergard2

    Happy Birthday - Tommy Wells

    I noticed today is Tommy Well's birthday. He would have 63, what a huge loss to the drum community! We met up a few times for lunch while he was in Buffalo at goalie camp for his son. He was a great guy!
  11. Stixnergard2

    Musician's Friend Deal - Gretsch Catalina Jazz

    Musician's Friend deal on the Gretsch Catalina Bop Kit. They don't ship for a few weeks, but worth waiting for $379.00:
  12. Stixnergard2

    Guitar Center Deal - Evans 14" G1 Coated Heads $5.00

    The deal started yesterday, not sure how long the stock will last, 14" Evans G1coated heads $5.00 each limit 2 per customer. Yes, these are the new level 360's, bought 2 and my wife bought 2. I also bought a 12" G1 360 and plan to rehead my Gretsch USA kit this weekend. Time to get rid of the...
  13. Stixnergard2

    Gretsch USA Custom Wrap Cutback Information

    I know there has been disscussion regarding how Gretsch cuts back the wrap on the USA Customs and New Classics, not sure about the wrapped Brooklyns. I decided to pull the head off my 12" tom and share my findings to help educate other forum members about what heads will work. I named the...
  14. Stixnergard2

    Gretsch NAMM 2014

    If you read enough about Ludwig's Signet 105 drums, check out what Gretsch is up to for 2014: &feature=youtube_gdata_player
  15. Stixnergard2

    DW 6000 series Improvements

    I have been using exclusivly DW 6000 hardware for years and have experienced the changes in design throught this period of time. I recently received the latest version 6700 boom stand and thought the improvements were worth posting. The stand to the left is an older version that only featured...
  16. Stixnergard2

    Ludwig NAMM Rumor

    Found this on another site, thought I would pass it along. Apparently you assemble the kit yourself: Introducing the Signet 105 Series Drums by Ludwig USA. It offers the up-and-coming player American drum craftsmanship at an affordable price. Built with 105 years of tradition in exceptional...
  17. Stixnergard2

    Drums On Sale Gretsch Blowout Sale

    Hey Gang, Drums on Sale has killer deals on Gretsch closeouts. Deals on Renown, New Classic, Catalina, Catalina Jazz, etc. If I didn't already have a basement full of drums, I would find something to buy. The New Classic Bop kit in Black Laquer Sparkle has my interest, must resist...
  18. Stixnergard2

    New Gretsch Brooklyn Color

    Gretsch is offering a new wrap exclusive to it's Round Badge certified dealers. I kind of like it.
  19. Stixnergard2

    Interstate Music Coupon Code

    Interstate Music has a 17% off coupon code for St. Patrick's day. The code is STP17 good through today only.
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    Gretsch USA Custom Kit Arrived Today

    The news Gretsch was doing the round badge on all 2013 USA Custom kits roped me in, so on 11/2/12 I ordered a kit through Steve Maxwell. My goal was to build the kit with a vintage vibe to take advantage of the new round badges. Steve included his rail mount if I want to install it later on...