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  1. stevesmithfan

    Lifts for 20's - What say you?

    Negative I play a 20” and love the way it sounds.
  2. stevesmithfan

    22" Zildjian K Constantinople Flat Ride

    Does it have a good bell sound? Sorry I couldn’t resist LOL.
  3. stevesmithfan

    Bill Bruford's New YouTube channel

    That’s great!
  4. stevesmithfan

    Gretsch Ash Soan signature snare

  5. stevesmithfan

    I've been waiting for a long time for this!!!

    Great interview
  6. stevesmithfan

    Less DW Exposure on TV?

    I believe you’re correct.
  7. stevesmithfan

    Good News About a Drum Store -- 2112 in Raleigh

    They have to sell a lot of drums just to make the basic overhead. It’s a beautiful store.
  8. stevesmithfan

    DW Peter Erskine Stand alone stick bag

    I’m sure Tama will release a Star Bag.
  9. stevesmithfan

    Favorite Rudd song on drums from AC/DC

    Shoot to Thrill
  10. stevesmithfan

    The last concert I went to was.........................

    Kiss 1997 reunion tour. It was awesome’
  11. stevesmithfan

    Your favorite recorded snare sound

    100% agree
  12. stevesmithfan

    May or SHU?

  13. stevesmithfan

    Expensive Pearl kits

    I have a Sonor SQ2 it didn’t cost near what Pearl is asking.
  14. stevesmithfan

    Breaking News: VB Unearths NAMM's 2021 Drum Sales Report! It's Worse Than You Thought.

    Music retail is pricing themselves off the market. Prices are overinflated imo.
  15. stevesmithfan

    Dead Drum Fads

    I’m done with Carmine Appice’s giant inflated ego.
  16. stevesmithfan

    Dead Drum Fads

    Tony Williams had a DW yellow snare with red hardware.
  17. stevesmithfan

    Dead Drum Fads

    Trashy cymbals can go away.
  18. stevesmithfan


    I’ve used both and prefer to tune by ear.