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    Brush sweep on snare drums - high pitched ring(s)

    Trying to dial in a good live mix for my brushes. Discovered my favourite snare drum (copper with Evans Onyx head) when swept with wire brush produces a high pitched ring un-miced. Am finding this, when close miced, difficult to EQ out of a live mix using a Soundcraft ui24r using the graphic eq...
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    Hammer toe on single pedal foot

    Anyone ever had hammer toe and care to share your experiences? Just noticed this condition on 2nd toe of right foot. Appointment to see doctor 3 weeks from now and wondering if I should lay of using it on BD pedal for now. (No gigs I must do in the meantime, but one I would like to do).
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    Looking for ultra dry bright ride ..

    Missed seeing the following one for sale - just the sort of sound I want: bright and very dry yet has a lovely pronounced glow in the decay. Any suggestions please for other models to check?
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    How to study Ben Riley?

    I am only a relative beginner drummer at the level of playing in an amateur pop rock/blues covers band, but am aiming to eventually get good enough to be a fill in drummer for local jazz players. Have just commenced studying Ben Riley but finding it difficult to find any analyses of his...
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    The Case of The Disappearing Cymbal Hum

    An annoying hum often happens when playing a new cymbal. Then, sometimes even after only an hour or so of playing, it disappears completely. How? Is it an unconscious finesse of playing technique resulting in a real disappearance? Is the player's brain filtering out perception of the hum, but...
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    Drum set up for melodic play.

    Some teachers say it's very useful to be able to play melodically, and even to play commonly known melodies on drum set. I've never worked on this. To be able to learn this skill, how critical is it to keep the same positional set up for my toms? (The reason I ask is that I'm usually changing...
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    Less stiff, more flowing drum set playing.

    Any ideas to help get a more flowing feel? For example a drummer suggested imagining my body is dancing in flowing motions as I play. Another idea, of mine, is to listen to recordings of Steve Gadd playing and try to analyse how he gets things to flow so beautifully, and try to copy some of...
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    What model might this cymbal be?

    Played excitingly by Rune Carlsson. Would love to own a cymbal sounding like this: Anyone able and willing to venture an educated guess for me please? Or suggest what models might offer the possibility of achieving a similar flavour?
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    Online whiteboard for bands

    Our band needs an online interactive whiteboard to brainstorm, plan, write and post or link to notated music and chord charts etc.. Most importantly we need to record band decisions (both musical and admin/housekeeping). None of us have any experience in this area. Can anyone recommend...
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    Drumming in your sleep

    My wife complained I was playing a drum pattern on my chest with both hands while sleeping last night. Anyone else had similar problems? (Have decided to stop tapping on my person when away from my drum set, to try to stop sleep drumming from turning into a habit. Don’t fancy taking a cattle...
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    19" Agop SE Jazz paired with 19" Turk ?

    EDIT: Am no longer interested in the SE Jazz to pair with my Agop Turk. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.
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    What do you play along to?

    Would love to know what particular recordings drummers get inspired to improvise to when you're alone with your drum set. What gets you excited?
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    Use snare as a tom? - help

    My 14” FT has way too much ring and I need ideas please. Kit is a Gretch Catalina Club Jazz with an added PDP 10” tom and DXP 16” tom. All toms are fitted with Evans Calftone batters, with the 16 also being an Emad. All toms apart from the 14 sound good at the tunings I like: warm with minimal...
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    Reggae and Boss Nova combined beats

    Our soft pop covers band is wanting to add a bossa nova beat to this slow "reggae" we've decided to add to our song list: My first idea is, for me the drum set player, to add the straight bossa nova "clave" on a pedal cowbell. Any other suggestions?
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    Aftermarket 16" tom hoops

    My brand new $90 (USD) 16" DXP floor tom needs new 6-hole hoops - those it came with are too small - no surprise at that price - for the Evans heads I want to fit. The shell is about 15.87" and don't know if this is undersized too, or if it matters much. So far I've found some "own brand"...
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    “Dragon’s breath”

    Am really into the nuances of cymbal sounds but, despite lots of internet searching, have yet to discover what this wonderful sounding term refers to! Some say it denotes trashiness in the wash. Some say an “airy” element of trash. Others say “the ahh sound” which, to me, suggests almost the...
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    Advice please: software to help in transcribing

    CONTEXT My self-education project: to transcribe the entire rhythmic structure of the piece New Monastery from the Andrew Hill “Point of Departure“ album. Purpose: to gain understanding as to what makes the music, especially the drumming, so exciting, with a focus on how Williams’ performance...
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    Any ideas for soft rock brush work with solid backbeat?

    Found the following lesson by Stewart Jean which has been very useful: But, looking for more ideas to help me develop my own templates for improvised patterns. Background: 1. The covers band I’m in plays everything...
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    China for quiet riding - suggestions?

    What should I audition for quiet jazz and soft pop / rock? Obviously thinking along the lines of something even sounding and controllable - maybe a 14” Paiste of some sort?
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    3 leg hi hat stand: base plate vs radius rods

    Background: Am wanting to upgrade my very basic Gibraltar direct chain drive hi hat to one with: a) faster, more precise response, and b) a longer pedal so I can do fast heel-splash / toe-chick ostinatos without having to angle my foot back and forth, which I find very tiring. Sometimes I have...