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  1. Ray Dee Oh King

    My daughter playing YYZ by RUSH

    Excellent. Shes even playing those odd up strokes. Theyre very oddly placed by Alex, so not an easy task. I can only imagine how proud you must be.
  2. Ray Dee Oh King

    Rock bands with female members....who was the first?

    Goldie & The Gingerbreads
  3. Ray Dee Oh King

    Funny music memes

    I do these daily on my social media pages. Great thread!
  4. Ray Dee Oh King

    Oriollo vs Jenkins Martin vs Wood (let's say Tama Star or other high end)

    Im pretty sure JM shells are pretty much replications of Blaemire shells, no? They were on 10s of thousands of songs.
  5. Ray Dee Oh King

    What is your Main cymbal setup for gigs

    Live gigs I normally play: 15" 2oo2 Big Beat hats 18" 2oo2 BB 20" 2oo2 BB 24" 2oo2 BB Last gig I changed it up and used some of my recording setup which worked out really nice in a small bar. 14" Paiste formula 602 ME SE 17" Paiste Sig Fast crash 19" Paiste Sig Fast crash 20" Paiste Sig full ride
  6. Ray Dee Oh King

    Good Cords and Jacks

    Id try the old cord again with a snug fitting to be sure its not a jack.
  7. Ray Dee Oh King

    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    Bun E of course. Just listen now, as opposed to then. No comparison IMO.
  8. Ray Dee Oh King

    Interface comparison - UA vs Audient

    I dont know? Our last recording had 32 tracks, all had some sort of plug in running, some had multiple plug ins, side chains, routed busses, etc....Id run multiple instances of Ozone 9, and my computer didnt miss a beat. Not a single hiccup. I mainly use Izotope products with Reaper. If youre...
  9. Ray Dee Oh King

    Interface comparison - UA vs Audient

    I own the Audient ASP800. I pipe it Into a focusrite scarlett 18i20 and have no issues whatsoever with latency. The Audient pres are phenomenal IMO. Cleanest sound ive had recording yet. The first two channels with the extra beef on em really shine. I cant say one bad thing about the ASP800. Im...
  10. Ray Dee Oh King

    OT: What's for dinner?

    Went with a standing rib roast, garlic mashed baby reds, and steamed broccoli
  11. Ray Dee Oh King

    Have you noticed?

    I use Brave. No ads at all here. The only emails I receive are when someone PMs me, or its my bday.
  12. Ray Dee Oh King

    In Ear Monitors WITH Over the Ear Muffs?

    If youre going to wear in ears with muffs over them, why not just wear a nice isolating pair of cans(on ear headphones) ?
  13. Ray Dee Oh King

    Using Uncommon Snare Heads

    From the sound of what you're looking for, id recommend an Aquarian High Energy. I used one for years. I went for a bit more overtone and use a Remo CS now, but the High Energy is a great head.
  14. Ray Dee Oh King

    I don’t understand why Buddy Rich is so special. Explain it please?

    IMO Deems was just as fast, if not faster, but ask most people if they know who Barrett Deems is and they will shake their heads no. Thats the big difference with Buddy. He made his name. He made many of us say hes the GOAT. He was Buddy Rich lol. On at prime time TV slots, every talk show...
  15. Ray Dee Oh King

    Randy Raatz Band - Tragic to Magic

    Hello all, Happy New Year everyone. First release of 2022 from Randy Raatz Band featuring singer Michal Towber. Drums were recorded in my home studio. INDē shells, and Paiste 2oo2 Big Beats. Enjoy, and thank you for watching.
  16. Ray Dee Oh King

    TuneBot users

    13 - G 163/174 16 - D 130/138....I dont like the sound at D# so I go a half step down on this shell. 18 - B 103/110 (thunderous on my 18)
  17. Ray Dee Oh King

    Lightest drumset you own?

    My INDēs are definitely the lightest set I own. They're unbelievably on the light side. Cased up, I can grab every shell (4 piece) in one hand. Do I ? No, but have tried it, and it didnt break the back when doing so.
  18. Ray Dee Oh King

    Any vintage drum player converted to modern drums?

    I play both. I havent had any issues with vintage hardware on my vintage kits yet....."knock on wood". Keeping the hardware cleaned up, and threads lubed up, it all works just fine. My modern kit (INDē) has a vintage vibe and sound to it, but it is a modern kit.
  19. Ray Dee Oh King

    Uses for LED strips?

    We have em in our room, and kids bedrooms. I added some on the back of our tv for backlighting. Looks really nice, and brings out the picture more.
  20. Ray Dee Oh King

    Best sounding popcorn - affect snare