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    Barney Miller Theme Song

    Hey guys. Was just watching Barney Miller. Such a great show! Also love the theme song. Just an absolute killer bass line and the drumming is perfect. Does anyone know who the drummer was? I couldn't find any info. Thanks
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    Inde Wayfarer Aluminum set thoughts?

    Ok. Who out there has an aluminum Inde Wayfarer set? What do you think? I'd like one for taking to practice and gigs. They should be easy to pack from the garage to the truck to the gig and back again and not be fussy about weather conditions.
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    Hardware weights "sticky thread"?

    Hey guys, I can't find the "sticky" thread for hardware weights. Can someone point me to the thread please? Thanks
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    Paiste Giant Beat 20" White Label price?

    Hey guys. Has anyone bought or sold a Giant Beat 20" White Label recently? Or happened to have seen any sell on Reverb or Ebay or such? If so, would you mind sharing what prices you saw any move for? The condition? I'm interested in picking one up so I'm trying to do a little homework. I...
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    What happened to this cymbal and what to do with it!?

    Hey guys. Just picked this cymbal up last night. What the heck! The guy I bought it from "found it" with a bunch of cracks so his drum instructor took care of the cracks and this is what is left. The fact I paid money for it might certify I'm crazy but what the heck, I've been slowly...
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    One owner question

    If you are not the original owner of an item you have for sale, or you are not selling on behalf of the original owner, how can you advertise said item for sale as "one owner" when in fact you are the second owner? Always thought this sales tactic to be dishonest.
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    App to catalog gear?

    Hey Guys, We just started using an app specific to cataloging our vinyl collection so we can have easy access to what we have. This will hopefully help keep me from purchasing duplicates when perusing record stores! Anyway, this got got me wondering if there is an app out there folks are using...
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    Paiste Giant Beat White Label hi-hats and 2002 Black Label Medium Ride score

    Hey guys, The cymbal gods looked down upon me today and I was fortunate to have come across these cymbals. First up: 15" White Label Giant Beat hi-hats. Both hats are in great condition with the white labels very readable. No cracks, keyhole, flea bites, just a beautiful patina. Top weighs...
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    Drum Gloves?

    I've had carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel surgery and I'm still having numbness issues with my hands and forearms. Who uses drum gloves an loves them? Which ones do you have or like? Do you notice relief from numbing/tingling issues, do they help you play longer before your hands and arms...
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    Mixer for drums

    Hey guys. I'm looking for a mixer for my drums that can be ran to our bands PA system. I'm looking for around 8 XLR inputs give or take. I want to be able to adjust the mix while sitting behind the set. What are you guys using? Any suggestions?
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    Heading to Moscow Idaho

    Hey guys. We are heading out to Moscow Idaho this morning to take our daughter back to college at the University of Idaho (Go Vandals)!. Moscow is a cool little town but only has a very small music shop without much in it, especially instruments. Moscow doesn't really have a great store for...
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    Camco pedal with a one piece footboard

    Hey guys. Just picked up this Camco bass drum pedal with a one piece footboard last night. I haven't seen one before. Does anyone know approximately when the ones with the one piece footboards were made? It was described as all original other than the new leather strap. Comparing it to a Camco...
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    Transport cymbals with sizzles/rivets?

    Hey guys, How do you pack up your cymbals with rivets into your cymbal bags? Just wondering if you have any tricks of the trade to keep the rivets from snagging the cymbal bag fabric, scratching other cymbals, catching your fingers, etc. Thanks
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    I'm not a drum solo kind of guy, but this is such a classic, fitting and grooving solo!

    This is, IMHO, one of the greatest intimate live rock performances with a perfect drum solo/breakdown. This isn't about chops and speed, just straight ahead killer groove! So wish I was there to experience it live. Enjoy!
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    Ludwig Atlas Mount Threads

    Hey guys. Thanks to a tip by clowndog, I ordered 3 Ludwig Atlas single mounts thinking I could use them on my sets as bass drum cymbal mounts or various other things. What I didn't think about, until I opened the package up this morning, was the tension rods on my PDP Classic Maple drums are the...
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    PDP 20" Concept Maple Classic Bass Drum

    I wish PDP made a Concept Maple Classic bass drum. I have an 18 and a 24 but a 20x14 is what I really want. Anyone have an in with PDP/DW that can put a bug in their ear? I bet a 12, 14, 20 would be a hot seller and many folks would add the 16. With the add on sizes they already offer, you...
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    Ludwig Raw Brass 8X14

    Hey guys. Just picked up this Ludwig Raw Brass 8X14 a couple of hours ago through some horse trading. It is used but you would never know it. I can't believe folks are not talking about these snares more. This thing sounds killer and looks just as good! My wife, as did my bass player when I...
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    How to take apart a Ludwig P85 to straighten a bent tension adjustment rod/knob?

    Hey guys, I have an acrolite that is in like new condition other than the throw-off tension rod/knob is bent to the point the snare wires alternate between getting looser and tighter as the knob is turned in the same direction. I tried removing the adjustment rod yesterday so I could try to...
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    OT: let's see your high mileage vehicles

    Hey guys. Just hit 300,000 miles on my 96 Ford F350 7.3 this morning. My father in law bought this truck new and I've had it for about 10 years now. Stock injectors, fuel pump, H.P. oil pump, etc. I was with my father in law the day he bought it. It has hauled horses to race tracks all over...
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    Thinking I have an early Slingerland Artist single ply snare.....

    Hey guys just picked up this snare. It is 5 1/2 X 14" with 8 lugs and a serial number of 11901. I think it is an early, maybe 63?, Slingerland Artist snare due to the badge and serial number and Zoomatic strainer. I also think it is a single ply but I know it can be tricky to tell at times...