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    Zildjians Hats, Crashes, Rides

    For sale is a bunch of nice Zildjian cymbals. Shipping not included in the cost. Happy to send pics of anything from the list! HI HATS 13” Zildjian A TOP Hat (70s) - $75.00 13” Zildjian K hats - $250.00 14" Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hats - $300.00 14” Zildjian A Hollow Logo Hats - $160.00 14"...
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    60s/70s 20/12/14 Ludwig Downbeat w/ Acrolite

    Hi all! For sale is an immaculate 20/12/14 downbeat outfit with a 60s Acrolite. The 14x14 and 20” kick both B/O badges while the 12” rack has a keystone badge. The serial numbers are as follows: 12x8 515866 14x14 767919 20x14 785698 5x14 Acrolite 584438 Cosmetically there are very few...
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    Zildjian, Paiste, Meinl & Istanbul - Bunch of cymbals

    Have a ton of cymbals I'm looking to sell. Pricing does not reflect shipping (I can do USPS or Fedex, shipping costs depend on location). Also local to BOS if you are in the area. Happy to post additional pics or info for serious buyers. HI HATS: 13” Zildjian A TOP (70s) - $75.00 13”...
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    BRAND NEW Zildjian Ks

    Brand new Zildjian Ks. Absolutely not issues both cosmetic or functional. Pics for reference to show condition but happy to send additional pictures. Shipping not included in price (need to calculate based on location. 24” Zildjian K Light Ride - $400 (3 available) SOLD 20” Zildjian K Dark...
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    Ludwig, Gretsch, Slingerland Orphans+Odds and Ends

    I have a couple of orphans along with some loose hardware that I'd be willing to trade along with a couple of snares. Orphans -13x9 Gretsch 80s Square badge rack tom (Lots of scuffing. Good candidate for a refinish or a players kit) -13x9 Silver Sparkle 60s Ludwig Rack (No badge, fitted with...
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    22/13/14 Sonor Phonic Mahogany

    For sale is a beautiful late 80s Sonor Phonic drum kit. The hardware, bearing edges and Mahogany Veneer are all clean. The floor tom is a 14x14 hanging floor which uses the Sonor standing mount (included). The 13" rack has one additional hole above one of the badges. The kit does NOT include a...
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    7x14 1948 Slingerland Radio King MWP

    For sale is a late 40s 7x14 Slingerland Radio King in Marine White Pearl. No extra holes. Includes both Radio king hoop. 6 screw Gene Krupa style strainer and butt. Overall the snare is in good condition. The wrap has yellowed but there is no significant damage. There's a hair of lift at the...
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    22" Spizzichino Ride - 2582g

    For sale is a beautiful 22" Spizzichino. What more to say other than this is an absolute piece of art. Fantastic depth of range and wonderfully complex sounding. (video of the cymbal)...
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    Zildjian Ks+As, Sabians

    Pictures upon request. All cymbals are in good - excellent condition. For the most part any issues are listed but will provide more details if you're interested in any cymbal(s). PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING Rides 22" 70s Zildjian A Ride - $225 21" Zildjian K Custom Dark Complex -...
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    70's Gretsch SSB 22/12/16 - Signed by Steve Jordan

    For sale is a set of vintage 22/12/16 SSB Gretsch drums in Rosewood finish. This is definitely players kit but also has a cool little added bonus of being signed by the great Steve Jordan on the inside of the 12 tom. The bearing edges are clean on all three drums. They were unfortunately fitted...
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    Monroe Ludwig Question

    Quick question for the Ludwig Monroe owners: Does anyone know if Ludwig made any kicks with small classic lugs? I have a 26/14/16/18 that I just grabbed and I'm trying to figure out if it's legit or not. All 4 drums have matching small classic lugs and Monroe badges.
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    Gretsch Hardware

    Looking for a couple different pieces to finish up my SSB kit. Looking for the following: 3 Floor Tom Legs 10 Bass Drum Claws 10 (but possibly 20) Bass Drum T Rods I have a ton of gear on my end to trade. Lots of Zildjian cymbals, couple different snares, and a few orphan drums (70s BDP 14"...
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    Sonor Phonic Mahogany Veneer FT

    Looking for a Mahogany Veneer Sonor Phonic floor tom to match my 22/12/13! Anybody have an orphan? I have a bunch of snares/cymbals on my end for trade. Looking to match the badge to the one on the picture.
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    70s Gretsch hardware?

    Hey all! Picked up a 70s SSB gretsch kit the other day. The mount is throwing me for a loop though. I've never seen the mount that was installed and was hoping someone could tell me whether it Gretsch, or if not, what brand?
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    70s/80s Gretsch Bass Drum Claws/T rods

    Looking for a set of 8 T rod/claw pairs for my kick. Anybody have any? I have some Ludwig hardware on my end if you're looking for a swap.
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    5x14 Ludwig De Luxe/Black Beauty

    For sale is a beautiful late 20s floral engraved Ludwig Deluxe. It is a 10 tube lug 12 point floral engraved version. The shell is fantastic shape structurally. The black lacquer has worn off but the floral engraving is still vibrant. Two of the clips have broken, but the remaining 18 are still...
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    Noble and Cooley SS Maple 7x14

    For sale is a beautiful SS Noble and Cooley 7x14. Wrap, bearing edges and shell are all in great shape. Asking $800+Shipping Would consider trades for other gear (Zildjian K, Meinl Byzance, Ludwig/Yamaha snare) but would prefer cash.
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    18" Ludwig Floor Tom Shell

    Looking for an 18" ludwig floor tom from the 60's/70s that is in disrepair. Looking to cut patch holes for an 18" kick shell that I picked up. Willing to buy at the right price but also have some gear to trade.
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    18" Yamaha Birch Absolute Custom Candy Apple Fade

    This one is a shot in the dark... Looking for an 18" kick for my Yamaha Birch Absolute Custom kit in Candy Apple Fade. My current kit is Nouveau lugs, but I have no preference if I can find an 18". I have a bunch of drum gear to trade. Here are some of the odds and ends for orphans I have...
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    Ludwig Snare ID

    Hey everyone - I'm admittedly stumped with getting some firm information on this Ludwig snare. Monroe badge and it's a 10 lugger. My best guess was classic maple, but I've only seen classics in 8 lugs. Definitely not any older than late 80s, probably not much newer than 2000. I've searched...