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    Ludwig Classic Maples 3 pc Shell pack - Blue Sparkle

    Ludwigs in blue sparkle.......... doesn't get much hipper than that!
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    The 11 Richest Drummers in the World

    I think Bill Kreutzmann is worth at least 50 mil.
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    Which head maker has the clearest film?

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    Mr Rock Solid: Anton Fig

    Less glare.
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    LA Camco 14x14 - 40% or 60% Off!

    Sexiest bearing edges ever.
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    Accessory trays

    All the links are nice. I love trays. First place I'd look for one is Steve Weiss Music.
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    18” rides?…..who loves ‘em….who uses ‘em?

    I have an 18" small stamp A that I often use as my ride, it's got a big chunk missing, sort of like Mel's ride...... anyway, I love that cymbal. I'll add a pic later. Of current products that I'm aware of, I think Zildjian's 18" Uptown ride is wonderful. Sounds more like a young Tony cymbal (to...
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    Apparently you don't need felts on your hi-hat clutch if you're Max Roach

    Honestly, Max didn't like 'em, or on cymbal stands.
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    Who Picked Drummers Better Than David Bowie?

    Yes to Jeff Beck. I'll add the wonderful Richard Bailey to that list. Jerry Garcia picked great drummers too: Bill Kreutzmann Bill Vitt Ron Tutt Johnny d'Fonseca Jr Buzz Buchanan Paul Humphrey David Kemper
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    Robert Plant thought Bonzo overplayed once!

    Zeppelin rabbit hole, here I come, yet again. Thanks!
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    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    New, as in I'm the first one to ever open the factory boxes: Tama Star Maple.
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    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    You mean they assemble drums?
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    Star, SQ2, or Craviotto !!

    Do they make that shell in-house? If not, who makes it for them? Thanks.
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    1980's first gen. DW drum kit, 5 toms, bass drum, and snare drum

    End of the year bump. I might take this down from Reverb starting on 1/1. If so, I'll put the pics here.
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    rug for under kit

    Well, it ain't really needed, as Buddy Rich and Simon Phillips (and others) would require plywood for the sound..... but I use rugs. I've never had anything specifically made for drums, but usually some sort of area rug that fits under at least the pedals and throne. I have a feeling you're...
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    Bands with more than one name

    Grateful Dead/Warlocks
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    Gadd black muffle ring?

    I have a black ring that came with the first Gadd Yamaha signature snare, I bought new around 1997 or so.
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    1980's first gen. DW drum kit, 5 toms, bass drum, and snare drum

    Just bumping this one up. Thanks.