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    Does anyone own a New Rogers Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum? What are your thoughts?

    As far as the snare buzz when the snare is off, I had to make an adjustment. The butt side of the snare, had the ends of the chords wrapped around the screws. So instead of the chord coming in from the bottom and exiting on the top of the butt plate, they wrapped the chords around the screws...
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    Does anyone own a New Rogers Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum? What are your thoughts?

    I set the head logo so it is at 12 o'clock on my snare drums and set the throw off at 8 o'clock. Having the head logo at the 12 position just makes it easier to set up the drum on the stand.
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    K like an A Custom?

    I have a 20" Sessions K, that may be what your looking for. It has a very large bell, and project far. I am not sure if they still make them, but I purchased it new in 2008. It is a cymbal that sounds better in the audience than from the kit. It is hammered and not lathed. At least I do not...
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    New member with (new to me) old Rogers

    A very nice looking kit. I just bought a brand new Dynasonic 6.5 in White Pearl that looks like it would match your kit. Good luck with that kit.
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    Does anyone own a New Rogers Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum? What are your thoughts?

    K.O. mine have Remo heads on it now, I will eventually put Aquarian Modern Vintage on it. I have Modern Vintage on my chrome Dynasonic's and most of my other drums. I got the 6.5" deep white marine pearl. The logo for the head is 180 degrees off from what I normally set it to. I like my...
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    Does anyone own a New Rogers Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum? What are your thoughts?

    I know this is an older thread, but I did not think what I am writing deserves a new thread. I was looking for a new wooden snare drum. But, it was hard for me to find other snare drums in and about the Rogers Dynasonic price range in order to make a comparison in person. I am living in New...
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    What a difference new/different heads make

    I bought a Pearl master's set in 2011. The kit came with Remo heads top and bottom. They really gave the kit a very strange sound. I had this weird sustaining lower pitch on the floor tom. Having experience wit the original heads in the past from my Gretsch kit in 2007, when I replaced all the...
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    Have any of you met Ringo?

    I was in the room with Ringo one time. Back on August 1st, 1971 at about 2:30 in the afternoon. However, I was only one of 20,000 people in that same room (Madison Square Garden) as him. It was the concert for Bangladesh. Unfortunately, I was one of the ignorant people that applauded when Ravi...
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    Hi Hats used on Herbie Hancock’s Mr. Hands album? This page midway down has a video of Mason playing a set of cymbals.
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    Hi Hats used on Herbie Hancock’s Mr. Hands album?

    Wikipedia (below) says Harvey Mason uses Murat Diril cymbals (below( I have not heard of these cymbals before, but there is a video on the page from...
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    Any vintage drum player converted to modern drums?

    My first kit was a Keystone badge Ludwig, two bass drums and two hanging toms. The kit was stolen and I thought it was a good time to take a break from drumming. When I got back into it I got a Catilina Club Gretsch kit, then I got a Pearl Masters, and then for some reason, I wanted more snare...
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    Aluminum CB Snare?

    Someone gave me a CB kit, 22 bass, 12 hanging, and 13 hanging, and a 14 inch snare. I modified the kit to play lower volume and I left the kit at my guitar players place. I don't like leaving good stuff at peoples houses, the CB kit was far from good stuff. But, the snare throw off broke, and...
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    Any vintage drum player converted to modern drums?

    I own only two vintage drums, both Rogers Dynasonics. One is a 5" deep and the other is a 6.5" deep. Both are chrome over brass. I bought them before the newer rogers drums started up again. I have watched the prices of those new Rogers climb and they took the price of the vintage along with...
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    Disoriented while playing?

    Of course check with a doctor. If I were to make a guess, I would ask about the volume of the jam and whether or not you were wearing ear protection. At a prolonged volume you could get disoriented.
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    Rogers sixties metal Dynasonic questions

    Thanks, I had cymbals on my mind.
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    Rogers sixties metal Dynasonic questions

    I have a 5" and a 6 1/2" Chrome over Bronze Dynasonic. Both of mine are 5 line drums. I am not sure when the 5 or 7 line came out, and I heard that the 7 line were more desirable. I like using the 6 1/2 for jazz because I can raise the tension on the batter head and still get a deeper sound...
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    I thought I had a little more time on those brushes where the wires started coming out. I brought it with me to practice tonight. I was using it on my left hand, doing a right to left motion in the middle of "So What" (Miles Davis) all of the wires exploded out of it. There was wires all...
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    China's as crashes

    The first time I saw any drummer using a China type cymbal was way back after the Mahavishnu Birds of Fire album came out and Billy Cobham was using it on his left side. He was using it as both a ride and a crash. I bought a used Zildjian China with 6 rivet holes and one keeps coming out...
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    Noble & Cooley 3 pc Walnut Classic kit SOLD 10-22-21

    I think I have to take a trip up to Portsmouth New Hampshire to play some of those and get some adult drums like you have.
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    I used the Vic Firth ones and they did not have the problem of falling apart. But the wires would eventually bend and not work well in the expansion and get stuck in the tube when the brushes are expanding. But that happened over the course of twelve years. The brushes themselves are held...