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  1. Patrick

    (80's)Tama Rosewood Starphonic 6.5" New to me

    Hi, Picked this up locally, so far only shots are from the day I bought it. 6.5 depth. No major flaws. Chrome is a bit tired, probably been abraded with some steel wool by the feel of the rims, but not bad. Since then I have cleaned and polished, replaced the heads and got a set of new Pearl...
  2. Patrick

    More about Chick Webb (another great memorizer)

    Hi, Any reference to Chick Webb seems to send me rooting around looking for more fragments of his history. Here is an interview with Van Alexander, one of the arrangers who worked with Webb. I thought this quote was interesting in the context of a recent thread on here about Buddy Rich's...
  3. Patrick

    Vintage Sonors now coffee tables Sheesh. The frames look like the cast iron holders for old watertanks.
  4. Patrick

    Fibes Brown Marble wrap set

    Hi, These showed up locally. Martin era Fibes Brown Marble Wrap; 24, 13,14,16. Not a finish I ever even considered until last week. They were played a lot by the original owner. There are a couple of patches of serious rash. The hardware is all aok. I haven't had a chance to clean them up...
  5. Patrick

    Liverpool Beat Bands 1964 (mass photo)

    Thought this might be interesting. Found here:
  6. Patrick

    Drouyn kit--Easybeats

    Drouyn kit, great song and performance:
  7. Patrick

    Jerry Lee on drums

    Not in the same league as Stevie Wonder, but another genius keyboard player on the drums:
  8. Patrick

    When did rock bands start micing the drums live

    Hi, This intriguing question came up in another thread and set me off on a lot of hunting. It seems obvious enough, but who marked it on the calendar? There is some terrific reading about the technological developments around sound reinforcement from the 60's -- 70's. If you can find "Where...
  9. Patrick

    Some interesting threads re recording Al Jackson

    Hi, I am a big Al Jackson fan, and have tripped across some interesting threads about him from the recording engineering spectrum. Thought some might enjoy:
  10. Patrick

    Freddie Marsden on Ringo and on giving up drumming

    Hi, Freddy Marsden was the drummer in Gerry and the Pacemakers. Gerry was his brother. Freddy passed away in 2006. I tripped across an interview with him today, and was reminded of these two comments: Ringo: I considered myself a very basic drummer. I laid the beat down and didn't do anything...
  11. Patrick

    Dino Danelli question

    Hi, Background: Dino came up playing jazz, including with Lionel Hampton. His chops with the Rascals could be driving a big old band. Question: Has Dino Danelli played with any big swing outfit since his emergence with the Rascals. (I figure if he did it would be killing, but I cannot recall...
  12. Patrick

    Johnny Otis dies

    Hi, I hadn't heard of Johnny Otis for quite a spell. Seems he had been ill and just died. His contributions to R&B and ultimately Rock were substantial. Didn't remember until today that he played drums on Big Mama Thornton's version of Hound Dog...
  13. Patrick

    Jerry Allison and the Crickets backing up the Everly Brothers

    Hi, I didn't know about this convergence of post-Holly Crickets (with Sonny Curtis on board) and the Everly Brothers. Nice live vid of them performing Cathy's Clown in the UK. &feature=fvwrel Patrick
  14. Patrick

    James Brown "September Song" with Louis Bellson Orch

    Been reading The Hardest Working Man lately, and I was reminded that James Brown at somewhere near his commercial peak did an entire album with Louis Bellson. I have never been partial to James' side projects--having been convinced to buy a couple of his amateur hour performances on the organ...
  15. Patrick

    OT: Dylan Learning the Bagpipes

    Takes a lot to laugh takes a bagpipe to cry I suppose:
  16. Patrick

    People! (The band who covered "I Love You")

    Hi, I was just bemoaning the bad luck that beset the Zombies by times, and started down the related trail of the group People! who covered Chris White's "I Love You" which turned into a kind of hit and run hit in 1968. Reading through, the name John Riolo began appearing, small switch turns in...
  17. Patrick

    Comedian Drummers

    Hi, Tripped across this article on the curious fact that many comedians are/were drummers. The topic comes up here by times, so apologies if this has been reposted: Patrick
  18. Patrick

    Famous people and their vinyl collections
  19. Patrick

    Billy Gladstone Key Case

    Hi, I have read about Billy Gladstone's patented (2,066,526, 1936) key carrier in a couple of places. Chet Falzerano gives a brief history on page 105 of Guide to Vintage Drums. Patent: Falzerano wrote at the time...
  20. Patrick


    Hi, I know little about Larry Lee, who played with Hendrix at Woodstock just two weeks after demobbing from a tour of duty in Vietnam. (In the Woodstock film, he's the one with the bandana over his face.) Seems he was a blues mentor for Hendrix. Also seems, which I surely didn't know, that he...