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  1. UptownShakedown

    Precision Drum

    Don’t try to work around Andrea, she knows her stuff and runs a tight ship. Gary re-did the edges on my Gretsch stop-sign badge and they came out killer.
  2. UptownShakedown

    If You Were Going to Buy a New Drum Set, What Would it Be?

    Not as sexy as some of the choices on here but I think that Pearl Maple Gum kit in Satin natural looked and sounded killer. Not a huge fan of the badges but sound and look were awesome.
  3. UptownShakedown

    TV's Best Sitcom Cast Members on Drums

    Uncle Jesse with the Yamaha piccolo?!
  4. UptownShakedown

    Best K Zildjian Ride?

    22 K light ride is my go-to all purpose ride - plenty of wash in addition to stick definition plus a bell that cuts, I love it.
  5. UptownShakedown

    Do Most Old Zildjian A Hats Sound This Good?

    Love how bright the bell is
  6. UptownShakedown

    "I Feel Good" drummer dies, Melvin Parker from James Brown Band

    Clyde is The Godfather but the flame always burned a little hotter with Melvin to me - RIP king.
  7. UptownShakedown

    What do you love about your DWs?

    For me DW makes beautiful drums but they are just a bit “tubby” for me. Bass drums and floor toms sound good but the mounted toms aren’t as fast as I like. Great snares though and the hardware is the best in the business.
  8. UptownShakedown

    Great article in Vanity Fair with Steve Jordan Very cool article with the man himself that delves into sitting on the throne Charlie left behind...
  9. UptownShakedown

    SJC rehearsal kit

    I’m just not hearing anything special from these kits. They sound like pretty straight down the middle maple drums if not a little boring. Shells and configurations are just kinda vanilla to me.
  10. UptownShakedown

    *SOLD* WFL Duco Pioneer

    Pretty rare finish I’d say, can’t recall seeing another one.
  11. UptownShakedown


    Is the oxidization part of the patina that came with it? Killer drum.
  12. UptownShakedown

    Any thoughts on new Ludwig Club Dates?

    New to me :)
  13. UptownShakedown

    Any thoughts on new Ludwig Club Dates?

    Hey DFO, I have a shot at a good deal on some new Ludwig Club Dates in 22/13/16 in a sexy classic duco finish. Same kit as below clip. I think they sound pretty killer and would be a good contrast to my Ludwig Keystones. Happy to hear any thoughts, reviews, etc. on these bad boys. Lastly...
  14. UptownShakedown

    Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple 4-Piece - Red Autumn (Price Lowered...AGAIN!)

    Damn, this kit is killer - someone grab this!
  15. UptownShakedown

    Which Paistes are these? They sound killer.

    They sound great. I was going to get a 22 K Light Ride to have in addition to my 24 K Light Ride but may grab this ride in a 22 instead. Sounds somewhat similar, pretty versatile but also has its own thing going on.
  16. UptownShakedown

    Which Paistes are these? They sound killer.

    Never been much of Paiste guy but they sound killer in this vid, as well as the rest of the kit. Mostly whats on the left and right - any ideas on what these are?
  17. UptownShakedown

    Poll: What Size Bass Drum do you Prefer?

    Good poll but what about depths! 22x14 and 22x18 can be very different experiences. I think in my heart I'll always be a 22x16 guy.
  18. UptownShakedown

    In search of some pieces for a Gretsch bass drum project...

    Hey DFO, looking for some Gretsch t-rods and bass drum claws like in the attached picture for a bass drum rehab project. I just got the edges redone by the wizards at Precision Drum Co. and am adding a front bass drum head after a long life as a single head drum. Also, looking for a 20 inch...