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    Advice for increasing snare sensitivity on new build

    Good morning guys- I recently built a 6x14 ash ply drum. The bearing edges are 30 degrees, rounded over lightly by hand. Both sides. The snare beds were filed by hand, only laying back about 1/16th-1/8 of an inch (and they are only 3 inches or so wide). Trick throw. Snare side ambassador...
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    Favorite bearing edges for snares?

    6.5 x 14 snare shell done (ash). Trying to decide on what to do when I route the edges. What's your favorite angle/profile when you build out snares? I'm looking for good punch, but am totally fine with some ring.
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    Best prices on hardware: lugs, rims, etc?

    Hello all. Where do you source your lugs, hoops, throws, and heads from? I am dying to get the price down a bit on some of the stuff I'm building. The margins just aren't much once you put the price tag on it. Any sites or insider knowledge is welcome. Many thanks!
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    Best finish for veneer

    I have wrapped a snare in a cool veneer. What is the best choice for finishing it? Water or petroleum-based? I am looking for a bit of a sheen (doesn't need to be super high gloss), and a decent amount of protection. Any input is greatly appreciated. Will post photos after it dries. -Will
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    Butt Plate with Adjustable Vertical Spacing? Gretsch Shell

    I acquired a Gretsch shell with no hardware. It has vertical spacing for the throw and butt plate. The butt plate is vertical, 5/8" spacing. I know you can get an Inde-type adjustable throw, but can't seem to find anything that works in a similar fashion for a butt plate. Attached photo...
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    Cutting bearing edges without marring/chipping the exterior

    Hi guys- Been practicing on some old really crappy shells. I cut some edges on a snare shell yesterday with a brand new bit and the outside pass really checked up and chipped the outer ply. Now, I did not tape the outside and the drum itself was a very cheap beech thing with pretty crappy...
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    70s Ludwig Bearing Edge Advice

    Hello- I have some ragged 70s (mid 70s) shells that I am practicing edge cutting with. Does anyone know what those mid 70s bearing edges are angled at? I believe it is a 3-ply drum, it has re-rings. Granitone interior. With a clear re-ring. I can post images if needed, but thought I'd ask...