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    Wanted: 2 Ludwig disappearing bass spurs

    Wanted: 2 Ludwig disappearing bass spurs
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    WTB: One Ludwig Standard Bass Drum T-rod and Claw

    Anyone have a single Ludwig standard bass T-rod and claw? Need one for a ruby red resto project I'm working on. Ruby Red hoop would be awesome too....but I'm sure that will be much harder to find!
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    Where can I get 4 t-rods for Ludwig Standard snare?

    Hey all. Been a while but back in the vintage game and currently restoring a Ludwig ruby red strata snare. It's missing 4 tension rods (2 inch) so I'm looking to get replacements. I see some (originals) on eBay but pretty $$. Maybe I'd go that route but anyone know where else to buy or...
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    Gretsch WMP Kit (22', 13', 16) help & price check

    I am looking to sell this Gretsch WMP 22', 13, 16' kit. Too many other projects and with kids in college and this kit has just been sitting in cases it's time to go to someone who will play it. I am a Ludwig guy so don't know a lot about this. I believe it's from the 50's but again not sure...
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    1966 Drum Head. Worn. Some holes. But it's a Ringo!

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    This is a pioneer, right, not a jazz fest?
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    Don't see this every day - 60's Ludwig 16" x 12" BDP bass - Factory?

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    ebay - Sky Blue Pearl Ludwigs - 22, 12, 13, 16 - NY pickup only

    Posted in the ebay thread but posting here too for anyone interested and/or in the NY area: 60's Ludwig Sky Blue Pearl 22" 12" 13" 16" for local pickup only in Rochester NY. Wrap has some fade but no other issues and for $750 BIN seems like a good deal for someone...
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    March 26 1968 drum in action 46 years later

    My wife's birthday drum that my son uses with his band which I think is groovy (period appropriate adjective).
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    Vista guys - what's the scoop on this tom?

    I had band practice last night, followed by a few drinks with the guys. Was then checking the computer and saw this vista orphan on the bay that was ending soon. Don't really need it, but the drinks..... Then I started thinking this looks really cool, and I have other orphans, I could put...
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    Someone in St. Augustine FL might want to check out this Ludwig kit

    Pick up only on the bay....
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    Suitcase is packed!

    Haha. Well it's fun to play and fits in a suitcase in case I get the boot! :walk:
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    Anyone know Ludwig Tom mount history & which do you prefer?

    Hard to see the mount in the pictures but I believe the blue sparkle kit is from 1964 and has a diamond tom mount, and the SBP clubs are from 1966 with post tom mount. What's the history on the Ludwig tom mounts from this time period? I have to say I have never had a problem with the tom on my...
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    1965 Slingerland Artist snare - single ply or not (pics)

    I have another thread going about a 1965 complete Champagne sparkle Slingerland kit I may sell. A forum member mentioned checking if the Artist snare is single-ply or 3-ply. I looked and...
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    1965 Slingerland Champagne Sparkle kit w/hardware advice

    I am thinking of selling this 1965 Slingerland kit. I am the 2nd owner. Bought it off a gentleman several years ago who said his dad took him into a music store in Pittsburgh in the 60's and bought the complete kit. It's a 22" 13" 16" in champagne sparkle with matching 5.5 x 14 Artist snare...
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    Ludwig Stingray.......Huh?

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    Gretsch snare help

    I took a chance on this on eBay and won. I'm working on restoring a 50's Gretsch WMP kit. I know little about Gretsch drums and have no idea how to date this. It seems like ithe wrap matches but won't know until I get it. I know it's only 6 lugs, and there seems to be an issue at the seam...
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    WTB: Gretsch 50's era bass drum diamond cymbal mount (Pic Added)

    Posted this a while ago in wanted, and bumped today, but posting here as will in hopes that maybe some vintage venue readers don't always check wanted. I need one of these to replace the one that's on the bass, but the female threads are stripped and won't hold cymbal arm. This will complete...
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    Help with info on my Gretsch Kit

    Here is my Gretsch Kit all cleaned up. Can anyone help date these drums? I picked up the bass and tom about 4 years ago for a steal on the bay. It has taken me almost that long to find the FT, but just recently got one from a forum member. It has a date stamp of 1953 so that one I know. These...
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    It's 5 O'clock somewhere

    I posted this in the cymbal section, but figured since it's a vintage 70's 14" hollow logo I could post here as well. I'm sure this has been done already, but I bought a $5 clock kit and decided to make some use of cracked or broken "trash/practice" cymbals without scrapping.