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  1. esooy

    UPS Duties and fees for package to Canada

    Recently sent a package to Oh Canada. The package value was declared for $600 along with insurance to match. The receiver gets a bill from UPS for $150 in duties and taxes! This was not including the actual shipping cost. Wow!
  2. esooy

    Unpopular opinion

    My unpopular opinion is that reinforcement rings on these bell bronze shells are useless. I just don't get it.
  3. esooy

    NAMM in January cancelled, rescheduled for June

    Not that I was in any way, shape, or form going to be there, but this is an interesting development. I personally didn't see how they could possibly make it happen in January.
  4. esooy

    Learn to engrave in 3 easy steps!

    Not the most complicated pattern, but done well you won’t see asymmetry. PS: straight lines are harder than curves.
  5. esooy

    Ludwig Black Beauty Shells being Hydroformed

    Here's a cool video about how the current BB shells are made. I'd be curious if an A/B test against the spinning method would yield any discernible difference in the way they sound.
  6. esooy

    What it takes to put on a big concert (this version is for a Rush concert)

    I'm sure this is similar for many big acts, but here's a cool video about putting on a big show. I mean I always knew they set up these shows in a day, but damn, impressive skill by the crew. It must be quite a life to be a roadie for a big act. Is anyone here a former or current roadie that...
  7. esooy

    SOLD Leedy 4" x 14" Nickel over Brass Snare Drum

    I think this model was called the "professional" model by Leedy. On the tension knob is stamped "Leedy." Also note that there is a "Wurlitzer - Cincinnati/Chicago" stamp on the batter side rim. The strainer functions very well, as do the tension rods. The tension rods are the slotted type. I...
  8. esooy

    Sabian AA 20" Medium Ride Cymbal

    A good all around ride cymbal. No cracks. Shipping not included. $75
  9. esooy

    SOLD Tama Star Walnut in Satin Charcoal Japanese Sen 10, 12, 14, 16, 22

    $3000.00. This kit is as clean as they come and is in mint condition. 1 owner, bought new and never moved from my place. Never gigged. I only played it for fun, and the drums sound fantastic. Selling to downsize my collection. Drums will ship in their original boxes in continental US for flat...
  10. esooy

    COB Engraved Drum by Me (again)

    Yes it's that time again. 6.5" x 14" Medallion Brass with a traditional scroll pattern. This is one of our first ones with the new Arch throwoff. Ennnnnnnnnjoy!
  11. esooy

    SOLD - DW 9002 Double Bass Drum Pedal

    In excellent condition, hardly used. Includes case plus all the goodies like spare parts and strap drive conversion parts. $350 plus shipping.
  12. esooy

    Leedy Snare Drum 4 x 14

    In great shape, everything works. $500.
  13. esooy

    Will the real beavertail lug please stand up

    I am wondering why the both the scalloped lugs you see a lot of builders using nowadays, and the lugs on the new Dynasonics are called "Beavertail". Any insight on that paradox? I thought the Dynasonic lugs were called the bread and butter lug?
  14. esooy

    Another horribly engraved drum!

    Yes, I stoop to clickbait! HAH! This little beaut will show off at the Chicago show, in addition to some of my other Medallion Brass series drum.
  15. esooy

    My latest engraved drum...

    Come check 'er out at NAMM if you'll be there. Otherwise you can just straight up buy it :-)
  16. esooy

    Gretsch 135th Anniversary Drum - Namm 2018

    Im privileged to have been asked to engrave this dum for Gretschs 135th. Limited to, you guessed it, 135 pieces. All engraving is done by hand without power tools.
  17. esooy

    For Jethro Tull fans, (or enemies)

    Technically it's the solstice coming up, but still hilarious!
  18. esooy

    Dynamicx review in Modern Drummer

    I'm Eric Sooy and I approve this review :headbang:
  19. esooy

    Titanium with Marblewood Veneer

    I like this one.
  20. esooy

    New Titan Bronze snares

    Cast bronze shell and hoops, torch patina, engraved by hand and laser, and the world's best multiple snare system - what's not to love? USA made - USA proud! We will be doing these in both concert drum and drumset drum styles. Powerful but not harsh. The raw shell rings like a, you guessed it...