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    Two superstar bass drum lugs

    Thank you
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    16 Leedy slotted tension rods

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    Pearl Jupiter Help

    Hello, does anyone have the trick to get the wires to lay tightly to the drum head? I've tried everything -- the most I can get it to do is sit loosely on the bottom head. I know one screw is missing from the photo, I have a replacement I tried and it didn't do much if anything. I'm familiar...
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    Duplex Snare ID

    Recently came into possession of this drum...its a 10x16" -- shell looks to be plied but I need to take a better look. Stamped to '37. Any info would be appreciated
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    Vintage rewrap projects

    Looking for kits in need of a rewrap, vintage preferred. Thanks
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    wanted: 60s ludwig 16" shell

    Three-ply, Just need the shell (will be rewrapped). Thanks!
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    wanted: 16" black panther

    blue and olive badge in good condition. thanks!
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    Gretsch burgundy 16x16

    Looking for a burgundy 16x16 great h round badge floor tom. Thanks!
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    wanted: older keplinger

    looking for an older keplinger -- 90s era -- in brass. would also consider other shell material, thanks!
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    70s Ludwig BDP Bass Drum Shell

    Looking for a 20, 22, or 24 blue and olive bass drum shell, three-ply only. Preferably only the shell as I have all the hardware already.
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    80s Yamaha badges

    Looking for three yamaha badges to put on a kit I’m getting rewrapped. Preferably 8000 badges but the series doesn’t matter I guess, as long as they’re the rectangle ones. Thanks!
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    angled radio king spur

    Looking for an angled radio king spur. I'll also take a pair if you'd like to keep them together. Thank you
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    Bulk 6, 8, and 10 clear attack heads (New)

    Got a load of brand new attack heads in small sizes. $25 plus shipping for 20 heads -- thats the smallest lot size I'd like to sell them in. PM with any questions. Located in Pittsburgh.
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    50s Gretsch WMP progressive jazz for camco 20-12-14

    Have a late 50s pj looking to trade for a camco 20-12-14 with aristocrat lugs or another PJ in either burgundy or starlight
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    Wanted: 13” or 14” new England white

    looking for a script badge 13” or 14” rack Tom. Not interested in a big R. Thanks!
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    Wanted: 60s Ludwig 14x20 champagne sparkle bass drum

    Good condition preferred, bonus points if it pre-serial. thanks!
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    wanted: 15" Snare side single flange hoop

    Prefer nickel, but would take a chrome one as well. Thanks!
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    Wanted: Leedy three-point strainer

    I'll take just the body or the whole thing if you have it. nickel is preferred. Thank you.
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    Rogers r360 18-12-14 shells

    They also might be 380. Lots of extra holes in the bass. Drums have all been covered in white laminate which comes off pretty easily. Floor Tom needs new edges. Would make a nice bop kit if you have the time and the parts. $75 plus shipping. Pics available upon request
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    WMP Gretsch progressive jazz for starlight PJ

    Late 50s progressive jazz in wmp for a starlight pj. I can pay shipping both ways.