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  1. Hop

    New heads, what’s your process?

    Pretty similar process/method echo here. I don't wax the edges though. And after I crank them down, I do put some hand pressure to pre-stretch the head/get the glue popping. Then de-tension, tune to taste, then do the "VB Slam."
  2. Hop


    It may just be some discoloration during the plating process (copper > nickel > chrome). They are supposed to clean and polish between steps, and that fold area can be a bit troublesome. Don't know if this will be helpful to you but here some are pics of my older BB (1980): Strainer side and...
  3. Hop


    Are you looking at the snare beds?
  4. Hop

    SOLD, PLEASE MOVE - Ludwig Classic Maple Snare - 6.5x14 inch - Birdseye Maple - MINT

    The shell appears to be of the current 7-ply lay-up and not the earlier 10-ply variant. Great looking interior/exterior B.E.M. veneers! GLWS.
  5. Hop

    Drum Selling Mistake - Do Overs ?

    I usually hang on to everything, but in a moment of weakness I did part with half a set of Ludwig, pointy B/O badged, 3-ply concert/melodic toms in the ultra-rare black Cortex finish, better than four decades ago. I'd love to get them back, especially if they we're treated the same way as I...
  6. Hop

    Max Weinberg Explains How You’re Doing It Wrong

    HA! Good one!
  7. Hop

    SOLD Noble & Cooley 14X18 Walnut Bass Drum

    Well that didn't take very long! Glad you were able to re-home that drum so quickly. That was nice of you to hang on to it for as long as you did and for trying to connect with the original customer before moving it along.
  8. Hop

    Non-conscious "chick"-ing of the hats on 2 and 4

    That's cool that your kit was broken in by Benny!!! I think his book is pretty good, I got it with the DVD. I think the DVD is also available for viewing on YT. With the book you get a poster that has the 'letters' of the alphabet in binary and ternary (triplet) form, which is pretty useful...
  9. Hop

    Non-conscious "chick"-ing of the hats on 2 and 4

    Benny Greb has got some real practical concepts in his "Language of Drumming" material. I wrote about it in another thread and added a graphic aid (binary alphabet) and embedded a vid (metronome exercise): So, I'd...
  10. Hop

    DFO advertising moving toward less family or music oriented?

    Sometimes I pop 'Victorias Secret' into a search and then land on the home page, just so when I come here, I don't have to see the Seresto's ads!
  11. Hop

    DFO advertising moving toward less family or music oriented?

    Advertisements are often driven to your browser by 'collusion software,' that is, it's primarily based on your cookies/search history/landed web pages - browser history, and not directly from DFO picking and choosing. For example, before visiting the DFO moments ago, I watch a video on YT about...
  12. Hop

    What sheet music and app do you use?

    I'm detail oriented and I tend to write out full transcriptions of tunes. This is a lot of work, and I rationalize it as analyzing the drum part to a greater depth, but it is a lot of work, so I don't do it very often. I bought Liz Ficalora's book "How to write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart" because...
  13. Hop

    Educate me on Ludwig snare model numbers

    Hey that's pretty cool to post that as a reference/resource. Maybe if I feel ambitious over the next few days I'll poke through some catalogs and see what else I can turn up, and if it's worth expanding the reference.
  14. Hop

    Educate me on Ludwig snare model numbers

    Here's a list of some the current snare line-up for reference. The list gets real long considering wood shell veneers/wraps/Legacy models and a whole bevy of special edition/anniversary, Acros, entry/mid-level & discontinued models (like bronze) etc... 5X14" Supraphonic (Aluminum shell) LM400...
  15. Hop

    Educate me on Ludwig snare model numbers

    LM would not be correct for the current line-up; LB402 is (EDIT: for the 6.5"x14 model). Then you get into a bunch of hardware variants into the model number(s). LB402 Smooth Shell, Imperial Lugs LB402T Smooth Shell, Tube Lugs LB402BBTWM Brass Tube Lugs, Millennium Strainer, Die-Cast Hoops
  16. Hop

    O.T. World Championships; what do they really mean?

    Now here's a world championship we can all get 'behind'
  17. Hop

    O.T. World Championships; what do they really mean?

    In defense of our great nation's 'World Championships,' how many of these other countries are willing to pay the exorbitant fees to: Have a league/franchise team in their city; follow league; franchise/owner rules; compete for talent and most importantly for asses in seats in sports which those...
  18. Hop

    Big Band Gymnasium Drum Sounds

    It's always nice to get an update reporting on how things turned out! Glad it went well for you.
  19. Hop

    What makes you a Paiste or Zildjian guy?

    This.... blasting out of a large stereo console (remember those things!). Then a few years later getting my booger hooks on the 'orange' artists catalog finding out what he was (currently) playing... I had to have 'em... still got 'em!!!
  20. Hop

    "Just crank the snare side" snare tuning - myth?

    HA! That's a good one Frank!