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  1. stevil

    80s Tama birch shell construction question

    I thought this would have been discussed ad naseum, but I can't find it in the archives, so here goes: I'm in the market for some big, thumping Tamas, ala Dave Grohl circa Nirvana. I've read conflicting information on the differences between Superstar, Crestar, Artstar, Artstar Cordia, and...
  2. stevil

    Any DFO folks near Silver Springs MD?

    I’m looking at a kit on Reverb that’s only for sale locally. Do any of the kind souls here want to help a brother out and pick it up and ship it for me? Bonus if you know a reputable drum shop/shipping service. You never know how much care will be taken at the FedEx…
  3. stevil

    Bass pedal loosens/goes crooked during play

    OK, here's a question I'm ashamed to ask, but here goes: My pedals almost always seem prone to loosening while I play them, such that they end up crooked, ie not perpendicular to the bass drum. I don't have pics, but I can add them later if that's necessary. This seems to happen whether I attach...
  4. stevil

    monitor suggestions

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to the world of e-drums. So far I've gotten by a-ok playing through headphones, but recently I've had my guitarists over and would like to get something so I could play audibly. They're using small practice amps. Researching options online I found the Roland PM-100 and...
  5. stevil

    How consistent/variable are Zildjian FX Oriental China Trashes?

    I'm hankering for a 20 China Trash and wondering how much they tend to vary. I'll be ordering through a local shop and it will be awkward if they receive a dud.
  6. stevil

    Orchestral snares vs... ???

    Will someone please explain the difference between orchestral and non-orchestral snares? I gather that orchestral snares use a different type of snare, emphasize quiet snare mechanisms, and are designed for maximum articulation. How does all of that work? What are non-orchestral snares called...
  7. stevil

    Should I add a 10" or 12" to my kit?

    I have a Jenkins Martin kit in a 13/16/24 configuration and want to add a smaller tom. I'm leaning toward a 10" because it would stand out more distinctly from the 13", but I welcome feedback from the DFO braintrust. Bonus points: talk me into or out of adding a matching snare. I like my...
  8. stevil

    How to play heavy backbeats while playing cross-handed?

    Hey all, I've always played open-handed on a kit, ie: I play hihats with my left hand on my left side, snare with my right hand. I'm training myself to be able to play the hats with my right hand. It's going well, but I get mixed up/hit my sticks or arms together when I try to lay into a heavy...
  9. stevil

    Are smaller bass drums that much easier to play?

    I love the sound of a nice, big bass drum. I've played a 26x14, and 24s in multiple depths. Currently playing a Jenkins Martin 24x14 and I love it. However, I don't believe I've ever played anything smaller than a 22. I've heard it said that the smaller and shallower, the easier a bass drum is...
  10. stevil

    Looking for advice on developing my ears

    hey DFO friends, I'm hoping some of the experts here will please offer advice on how I can improve my ears. I have a hard time listening to a song and figuring out what the drummer is doing. I'll sometimes change playback speed or look for drum cam/drum cover videos on Youtube, but I think my...
  11. stevil

    Ludwig Classic Maple vs. 6-ply

    How do the contemporary Classic Maples compare to the late 70s-80s six ply drums? Which is thicker/heavier/louder? Have the bearing edges changed, and if so, how?
  12. stevil

    Tempo adjustment/sampling app

    I want to use quarantine time to woodshed a bit, and I'd like your feedback on apps like Amazing Slow Downer or Music Speed Changer. The last time I used anything like this was before I used Spotify. I used an app that manipulated the songs I'd loaded onto my phone. Now I'm streaming 100% of...
  13. stevil

    14x4 snare

    What do you have? I'm looking to expand the stable. I *think* I prefer bronze/metal, but I'm also open minded.
  14. stevil

    Remote hi hat experiences?

    I would LOVE to move my hi hats about 6-7 inches to my right. Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with offset or remote stands?
  15. stevil

    Rezo HH - closest substitute?

    I'm sad to say that I've broken my top 15" A Custom Rezo hihat. What would y'all suggest as it's closest substitute? I loved those cymbals...
  16. stevil

    Gauger Flexframe installation question

    There are no stupid questions, only stupid people. That said, I might be stupid. I have and enjoy my Flexframe, but my resonant head quickly goes out of tune since installing the frame. I wonder if I've installed it incorrectly. I have the washers on the tension rods between the rod and the...
  17. stevil

    Tips on sliding back on the bass pedal?

    I'm making a concerted effort to move my foot back on the bass pedal. I have Tama Iron Cobras, and I've always just put my toes up against the little toe plate near the chain. To improve my power and take advantage of the fulcrum of the pedal, I want to slide my feet back a few inches toward the...
  18. stevil

    Weights in the bass drum? - Sounds Like a Drum Video

    Hey friends, today's Sounds Like a Drum video is pretty intriguing. It's about the basketball-y ping you get sometimes with unported or minimally muffled bass drums. Apparently it's a great studio trick (and makes playing the drum feel better), but it sounds weak live. What do you all think...
  19. stevil

    Anyone play Vic Firth plastic rutes?

    I to find a way to play at a lower volume at band practice. I've tried wood rutes/hot rods/whatever they're called and I don't like how prone they are to chipping. I see VF has these plastic bundles and might give them a shot, but I'd appreciate your feedback first.
  20. stevil

    Dumb question re: black drumheads

    Hi all, At the risk of sounding like a dummy, I'm looking for help separating marketing hype from tonal qualities of Remo Black Suede/Evans Onyx drum heads. These seem to get marketed to metal drummers looking for louder/more aggressive/durable heads, and that pretty much describes what I'm...