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  1. fatchoppers

    Where can I buy a 25x25x20 box

    Where can I buy a 25x25 box?
  2. fatchoppers

    Don’t like 15 hi hats.

    After years of playing I’ve been trying out different hi hats. Seems that I keep going back to 14’s They seem crisper, faster and easier to control. And they feel better to me. Am I the only one ???? What are your favs ?
  3. fatchoppers

    Tama Japan 22 16 13 12 swingstar $225

    Tama swingstar. Very Good cond. Some scratches makes an awesome gigging kit. 14 deep bass drum . Ny location
  4. fatchoppers

    Ludwig UsA Club dates for Dw collectors

    Ludwig usa club dates mint 24 16 13 Lookin to trade for a dw collectors or a Harley motorcycle
  5. fatchoppers

    Sold Mint Ludwig Club Dates Duco blue silver 24 16 13 USA shell pack drums

    Mint. 24 16 13. Not a scratch. Bought these new . No issues. I’m just not a 24 bass drum kinda guy . Collectors condition NY location
  6. fatchoppers

    Vintage Wmp Ludwigs

    Alrighty guys I have a real nice set sitting in storage 22 16 13 13 No extra holes . double rail mount Wmp in really nice shape . Clean interiors. No cracks or issues Have a 5x14 Supra that gos w it I was told it is a one owner kit Wonder what I can get for it in todays strange market.
  7. fatchoppers

    Tama Japan Swingstars. Aspen White

    22 16 13 12 No Tom holder Great gigging kit 225 plus ship
  8. fatchoppers

    Ludwig usa Club Date Pro Beat 24 16 13 blue silver duco mint 3pc shell pack drums only

    Bought these new. Played them in my home for a few hours. Still has original new heads. Port hole installed on bass drum front head Mint mint. 1300 plus shipping . 3 piece shell pack with floor Tom legs and suspension mount plus soft bags only. Specs Club Date 3-Piece Pro Beat Shell Pack...
  9. fatchoppers

    Paiste masters brand new from factory 21 med ride

    I have a brand new masters 21 medium ride . Comes in box and bag from factory. It’s brand new 400 plus ship. I just got it as a replacement from the factory and I need cash to fund another project
  10. fatchoppers

    15 hi hat What years Zildjian stamp is this

    I see a small hole . And an older looking stamp. Anyone ? Help
  11. fatchoppers

    Isolating headphones need opinions

    I just committed to a few gigs with a working cover band with a sequencer . Looking for a real good set of isolating headphones. I’ve done this before on E drums but I will be using acoustic drums for this gig . Recommendations ?
  12. fatchoppers

    Imagine this was real ???

    What a steal.
  13. fatchoppers

    Premier guys what model ???

    What model is this.
  14. fatchoppers

    Roland v drums $625

    Have roland kit selling Td3 brain Have mesh heads Pdx6 pdx8 vh11 hi hat Td 4 rack Some cy8 cymbals $625
  15. fatchoppers

    Asking for friend How many sets is too much ?

    Title says it all here go’s my list Tama swingstar 4pc pwr Tom sizes tama swingstar 5pc Tama starclassic B/b 2 up 2 down Ludwig 60’s Wmp 22 13 13 16 Ludwig Club date pro beat Dw design 22 16 13
  16. fatchoppers

    My DW Design review

    ok DFOers , I picked up this Dw Design 3 piece on clearance at GC. I thought all they had was the crimson left but I found 1 more iron metallic (Matt black) I didn't have high expectations and I bought it because it was on clearance. I wasn’t crazy about the Matt finish until I set it up 1st...
  17. fatchoppers

    Paiste Formula 602 Se hi hats 14

    Looking to trade Paiste Formula 602 Se hi hats 14 . I’m interested in other Paiste hi hats Dw snare drum
  18. fatchoppers

    FeeBay wants your bank. Reverb no PayPal

    First reverb stopped accepting PayPal so I stopped selling there . Now feebay wants to be in and out of my bank account. Geez. What’s next a retina scan for every sale. lately seems like Facebook market place is best but Facebook is keeping a log how many times u pissed each day technology...
  19. fatchoppers

    Power Toms who digs em?

    Any one still playing power toms. let’s see what u got
  20. fatchoppers

    Dw lefty style

    Just picked up a 3pc design series 1st thoughts is the bass drum kicks ass