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  1. Rich K.

    Help with ebay lost package

    Bought an inexpensive cymbal on ebay on 4/20. Seller shipped via usps on 4/21. On 4/25 it was tracked "on the way to next station", due to arrive 4/25. On 4/25 usps tracking said it will arrive late but it's still on the way. There have been no more updates as of today 5/4. I have sent a few...
  2. Rich K.

    Where do you put your right side crash cymbal?

    Only for those drummers that use two toms on (or over) their bass drum: Where do you put your right side crash cymbal? It seems about 50 / 50. Some drummers put it in on the audience side of the ride cymbal and have the ride low over the floor tom. This has always made no sense to me...if you...
  3. Rich K.

    What happened to Soultone?

    Most of us are familiar with their "endorser" discounts and great amazon deals. Like most companies they had some real nice cymbals and some not so nice. I still have a set of Soultone 15" hats I love. The company was very high profile a few years ago, but now you don't hear about them.
  4. Rich K.

    DW aquires rights to Edsel

    Best I could do before coffee.
  5. Rich K.

    Slingerland floor tom leg mount hack??

    These Yamaha leg mounts are supposed to have 2 1/4" mount hole spacing. Wouldn't that be a perfect fit for Slingerland and Camco...
  6. Rich K.

    Gretsch USA Custom hypothetical finish question / idea

    Was fantasizing a bit about ordering a Gretsch USA custom in my favorite finish, ebony gloss. Instead of having silver paint on the inside, wouldn't it be cool to have the inside finished in the same ebony gloss? I always loved the way Sonor, Tama Star, Mapex Saturns had the inside finished, so...
  7. Rich K.

    SOLD 26" Aquarian Regulator Reso side bass drum head

    New, never used 26" Aquarian white Regulator bass drum head. A 24" was ordered, a 26" was sent by mistake. Will ship in original box with reinforcement. $40 includes free shipping to most of the US.
  8. Rich K.

    SOLD Kelly Shu parts, two incomplete setups

    Kelly Shu bass drum mic stuff. Two brackets, one mic mounting thing, miss a screw, 15 bungee things, 7 leather tabs. This is what I have. $25 for all of it plus shipping
  9. Rich K.

    Anyone into Carlton drums? I have a weird part.

    I'm pretty sure this is a muffler / tone control from a '50s or '60s Carlton bass drum. I don't need to sell it, but I'd gladly give it to someone who needs it...
  10. Rich K.

    Identity of this Zildjian

    Any idea what Zildjian this is? Ink was cleaned off.
  11. Rich K.

    SOLD Pair of Gibraltar multi clamps

    Pair of Gibraltar multi clamps. Used but in very nice condition. $34 includes free US shipping (for both, 2 clamps)
  12. Rich K.

    SOLD Lot of 24 assorted used drum rims

    Over 20 drum rims / hoops. Will sell all for $65. 3 bucks per hoop. Not looking to sell individually. Here's the list with condition: 8" 4 hole, 2 very good, 2 fair/poor 10" 5 hole 2 VG 12" 6 hole 2 Ex (may be new) 12" 6 hole 4 VG 13" 6 hole 2 good, 2 fair, 2 fair good lower profile, 1 black...
  13. Rich K.

    Doing a sub for a blues gig this week... oy

    Got a call to do a sub or put together gig in a nice club for this Thursday with a run through on Wednesday. The leader sent me a spread sheet with the song list and youtube links for 3 + sets. Been listening and making notes. It looks something like this... 1. Medium shuffle (HH) 2. Medium...
  14. Rich K.

    Found a stack of Regal Tip Nylon tip Rock model

    Playing a gig tonight in Statesboro, GA There's an old Mom and Pop store called Deloach's. They had some Regal Tip 5a nylon and a big stack of Rock. I bought the last 3 straight pair of the 5As. They have a lot of Rock, bit I prefer the wood tip. They charged me $14 plus tax for each pair...
  15. Rich K.

    SOLD Late '70s Slingerland conga (tumba) with folk art hand painting

    SOLD Have had this for many year and don't know the history of it. It can be seen in the 1979 Slingerland catalog (without the painting of course). Looks to be all original. 12.5" head. Shipping will be pricey, figuring a box 18x18x34. Located in Savannah, GA $175
  16. Rich K.

    Three pairs of souvenir maracas from Cuba

    Don't know if I'd use these as players...thinking they are more for decoration. Two of the handles are loose. Would like $39 plus shipping for all 3 pair.
  17. Rich K.

    SOLD LP blast block green

    SOLD LP blast block. Well used but still in good shape. $25 includes free US shipping .
  18. Rich K.

    Gibraltar G5 5711S bass drum pedal new

    Still sealed in original box Gibraltar 5711S bass drum pedal. $64 with free US shipping.
  19. Rich K.

    SOLD Ludwig Black Galaxy Acrolite

    SOLD Ludwig Black Galaxy Acrolite. Very clean "as found" condition. Not sure it was ever actually used. Throw off and muffler work fine.. Very clean considering I never even dusted it off. Top head doesn't look as if it was hit but has some marks on it. Bottom head should be replaced. $175 plus...
  20. Rich K.

    SOLD Pair of Sabian Camber cymbal tilter / stackers

    Pair of Sabian or Camber cymbal stacker / tilters. Each one has 3 sections about 2.5" long. They thread on a standard 8mm cymbal post. Both have 6mm thread tops with wing nuts and there one original key tightened topper. $25 for both plus shipping