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    Songs I Greatly Dislike (Pt 2) Friday Five Fer

    and Rita Coolidge!!
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    Me playing and soloing at a recent live gig

    that is some tasty playing!
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    Grand Funk. Highly Underated!

    Wow...not sure what to say....but I like it!
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    Floor tom legs

    for the current iteration of the stage customs, it's 9.5mm I know because I ordered 10.5 and they were too had to get the 9.5s
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    Grand Funk. Highly Underated!

    It kinda pains me, I mean Don Brewer WAS the reason why 11 yr old me started drumming in 1970.
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    Grand Funk. Highly Underated!

    I'd sure like to hear Mr. Brewer's side of the story...I've heard a couple with him but this was never talked about.
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    Grand Funk. Highly Underated!

    So it's as simple as reducing the split of whatever money "Grand Funk Railroad" generates from 3 to 2 people?
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    Grand Funk. Highly Underated!

    If you listen to Mark Farner, it was Don Brewer that hoodwinked him into signing over his stake in the band. I'd love to know the why....
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    Anyone playing Taye?

    File under "it's a small world"....I think you're referring to the kit I have on CL, it's actually a Rock Pro, not the Tour Pro. I believe the shells are Poplar, not Basswood.
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    OT:The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band?