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    History of the Kent Drum Company book review by George Lawrence

    George Lawrence the Editor for "No So Modern Drummer" reviewed my History of the Kent Drum Company book, check it out, Mouse.
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    History of the Kent Drum Company 1946-1977 (Now on Sale!)

    Hello friends, after many years of hard work my Kent History book is finished. If you would like a copy here is the information, thank you Mouse. If you would like to purchase my book with PayPal, my address is [email protected], if paying with PayPal please add $7.95 onto the $25.00...
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    Gretsch 1970's Stopsign Badge in Walnut Finish

    I'm looking for info on a set like this, it's five piece w/snare that I will look at soon, no photo's yet. Thanks, Mouse
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    What color wrap is this?

    Anyone know what you would call this? Thanks, Mouse
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    Another 18" Kent bass drum found!

    Here's the story on this kit. I found this Kent 18" bass drum head a few years back and wondered if I would ever find the rare missing bass drum to go with it, no way right? Then two years ago someone living near me but south of WNY posted an 18" Kent bass drum photo I think it was on this...
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    I'm back! Thanks to rpfonda and Mlayton.

    My password didn't work and I couldn't contact anyone in the inside until I met rpfonda, a member in the Buffalo area that I just bought some more Kent drums from :) Yes I could have called friends in the area, sorry guys,but I'm not sure who's still here? Thanks, Mouse
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    Please pray for my Mother in-law.

    Help her pass without much more pain, thank you my friends! Mouse
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    CBS Orchestra with Paul Shaffer?

    If The CBS Orchestra with Paul Shaffer is the greatest band in the world, why do they play the same 30 songs over and over and over and over again? I don't get it? Mouse
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    A big thank you out to Geardaddy!!!

    I just received the Kent snare I bought from Geardaddy, just want to say he is a top notch guy, great doing business with him. The drum was packed real well, and was shipped when he said. Thanks again, a happy Mouse! :)
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    Traveling Wilburys with Ringo.

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    My gig last night and a surprise DFO member visit.

    As I'm playing my set of Oyster Blue Kent's last night in East Aurora New York, I look up and who do I see, DFO member (Jim) Gryphon looking at me with a big smile. It was great to see him for the first time in a few years, Buffalo no longer has the Buffalo Big Beat so we don't get together. We...
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    The Comedy of John Lennon

    Just for fun, enjoy! &feature=watch-vrec
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    Ringo Starr stays positive on 17th solo album 'Ringo 2012'

    Ringo interview
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    The Ventures

    Wow, what a Ventures week it's been for me! Last week my guitar player and I went to the Ventures Fan Jam in Philadelphia PA. I met Leon Taylor (Ventures Drummer), son of the late Mel Taylor (original Ventures Drummer), plus Bob Spalding (Ventures Bass player for the last 35 years). I player two...
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    YouTube, how do I get it to work again?

    What's up with YouTube, anyone know how to fix?
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    RIP Michael Meldrum

    I knew Michael for over 20 years, I played many gig's at Nietzsche’s, the Bar he did open mic at for over 28 years. Ani DiFranco fan's will like this story about a great man. Mouse
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    Ringo Starr gives drum kit to teenage fan.

    What a thing to do Ringo! :occasion5:
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    OT: Live video of Eagle nest! Update, a baby Eagle has hatched!

    Check this out people, eggs will hatch in 3 days. Mouse
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    Ringo's Gold Plated Ludwig Snare

    There was another post about Ringo's snare, some were hoping to see a photo, here it is, found on the web. Ringo Starr's Gold Drum on View at Met Museum in Celebration of the Musician's 70th Birthday July 'Artists Den' National Television Broadcast Features Ringo Starr at the Met On July 7...
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    MP3 to Wav Converter?

    Anyone have a link to a good and safe converter, thanks!