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  1. tdcrjeff

    Vintage drums on SNL

    This past weekend the band "Bleachers" filled in as a replacement act. Drummer (Sean Hutchinson?) was playing what looked to be vintage Slingerland yellow satin swirl.
  2. tdcrjeff

    There's an ANIMAL in the attic

  3. tdcrjeff

    Cocktail drum in HBO show

    The season finale of HBO's "Mare of Easttown" Sunday May 30 featured a cocktail drum. The singer is Mare's daughter and her band is playing at her father's wedding.
  4. tdcrjeff

    Don Heffington - RIP

    Don Heffington has passed away at age 70. I'm only really aware of him from his work with Sara and Sean Watkins and their long running Watkins Family Hour show at Largo. Long list of credits includes Lone Justice, Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris, Jackson Browne, Peter Case, Victoria Williams, Dwight...
  5. tdcrjeff

    Pentangle 1972 - Terry Cox mismatched hats

    30 mins of Pentangle from 1972, came out on DVD about 15 years ago. Looks like 14 over 15 for Terry Cox's hats? Clear footage ~6 mins at start of Wedding Dress.
  6. tdcrjeff

    Purdie selling record collection Bernard “Pretty” Purdie is a legendary R&B, soul and funk drummer who has been doing session work since the early 60s. The records he’s played on by the likes of Steely Dan, Miles Davis, and Aretha Franklin could fill a library. That’s what we’re offering in...
  7. tdcrjeff

    Snare cord - learned my lesson

    I was playing a backyard patio party yesterday and about an hour into what turned out to be a 4 hour gig (Grateful Dead parties go on forever) my snare was starting to lose that snappy snare sound in the middle of a song. I reached under and touched it too see if I could tell what was going on...
  8. tdcrjeff

    Sandler's Sabians

    SNL from Home on 4/25. Pete Davidson song about being at home with Adam Sandler at a drum set @ 1:46 and 1:59:
  9. tdcrjeff

    Clapton's Ginger Baker Tribute Feb 17, 2020

    I did a search and didn't find any mention of this concert being held tonight at the Apollo Hammersmith in London. I came across it on the Steve Hoffman forums. Full set list: 01. Sunshine of Your Love - with Roger Waters 02. Strange Brew - with Roger Waters 03. White Room - with Ronnie Wood...
  10. tdcrjeff

    Subkick for micing piano?

    Somewhat OT, but has anyone ever heard of using a subkick microphone (a speaker) for micing the underside of a piano? I'm no classical music expert (nor even fan), though I am a hobby recordist. Pianist Kimiko Ishizaka has shared the individual mic tracks (11 of them!) of her Well-Tempered...
  11. tdcrjeff

    Mike Mangini's new kit

  12. tdcrjeff

    Murdered USC Drummer Victor McElhaney

    USC Thornton School of Music student Victor McElhaney was murdered during an apparent robbery attempt. McElhaney was an extraordinarily talented drummer, said USC jazz professor Peter Erskine, who gave...
  13. tdcrjeff

    Kreutzmann/Hart 1970

    The Deluxe version of the Grateful Dead documentary "What A Long Strange Trip" being sold by has bonus content of the band's first show in England at the "Hollywood Festival" in 1970. Teaser clip on youtube is on-stage footage mostly focused Billy and Mickey for a few minutes of "Good...
  14. tdcrjeff

    "In the Deer Tonight"

    Might have missed someone else posting, but... the latest drum related viral video:
  15. tdcrjeff

    Steph Curry wants to be a drummer

    Steph Curry says his ultimate goal is to be a drummer in a band
  16. tdcrjeff

    What Makes This Song Great?

    Cool series of videos where he breaks down the different instrumental tracks using the multitracks: I really dug this one and the one for Everlong. The one for Kid Charlemagne turned into too much of a guitar lesson.
  17. tdcrjeff

    Modern slide mount hardware?

    Are there any modern slide mount stands/adapters for use with 70s vintage Ludwig concert toms? You know what I'm talking about, these sort of things: I'm putting together a jungle kit with concert toms and want to hang one (with a slide/clip mount) off my cymbal stand without changing the...
  18. tdcrjeff

    Bonham BDP photo shoot for auction

    The set he played on the first US tour, I believe.
  19. tdcrjeff

    Le Studio burned down

    Le Studio, the destination studio in rural Quebec outside Montreal has been fully destroyed by fire. It had fallen in to complete disrepair after it was abandoned, but any hopes of resurrecting it (there was a campaign) are likely now gone. Rush recorded there (and shot several music videos) as...
  20. tdcrjeff

    Drums in the Comics

    "Zits" June 9, 2017: