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    New-to-me Stanton Moores

    Dig what just blew in from the Great White North! And in a first for me, the dude wrapped these in a blanket. He is from quite a ways north, true. Other interesting features: these 15's weigh quite a bit less than my Stanton 14's that I got from mikefryed here. Yup, they're "weigh" thinner!
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    Zappa, yukkin' it up

    He hits the trifecta of good playin', singin', and dancin'. Such good humor and spirit at this point. I saw this version of the band a couple of times. It's the "Roxy and Elsewhere" band.
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    Just in from Maxwell

    No, not that Gladstone kit...instead, what helped him afford that Gladstone kit.
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    24" cymbal bags - what's good?

    This has been somewhat spoken about before, but I am getting ready to buy. Some have said that some of the bags are too tight, with the zippers scraping the cymbal. What are your experiences? Edit: There have been some helpful responses. I guess I should clarify matters: 1) I want a bag with...
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    Having UPS, FedEx, etc. do the packing.

    Who has experience doing this? How'd it go? Was it expensive? I've got a seller who won't ship a cymbal. Anybody do this with cymbals? Many thanks.
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    Buttermilk recipes, please

    What ya got? I'm not finding much on the internet, but am sure the refined tastes that Forumites seem to have will yield a bounty. I bought a half gallon of it for a recipe and have a ton left over. Dressings? Soups?
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    Premier '90s strainer problem/question

    Hello Premier Experts, My first question: what is the actual model number of this strainer system? And...more important, what can I do about the fact that the snare tape on the strainer end will not tighten enough to allow for proper tension? The key rods have to be cranked down way too hard...
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    OT/But another instrument of interest to percussionists-the oud!

    I saw this on my Microsoft feed. I have always very much loved the sound of the oud, even though I'm a total "Western guy." My parents had some Greek records when I was growing up, and later it became clear that Frank Zappa, whose music I listened to obsessively, was into these Middle Eastern...
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    Who makes Hi Hat clutches to fit older cymbals?

    That's my question. Anybody making that smaller-diameter clutch, particularly for those older Zildjians?
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    Where's the Tama HP 50 thread?

    I don't search well on this Forum and can't find the thread in which folks discussed their experience with the Tama HP 50 bass drum pedal. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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    Something showed up on my porch...

    Pray tell - what could it be?
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    Bosphorus Antique question

    Does anyone know if Bosphorus Antique cymbals have a coating on them? Thanks
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    Free the Snare Shell 19!

    Barbarians! Oh, the cruelty...
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    Rare (but very worn) Camco mallets!

    Rare, indeed! For the Camco completest, a 1030 and a 1038. Sorry for the crappy pix. Will send others on request. $10 each, $5 shipping. Buy both and the second one ships free. (Same box). NoPayPal or Venmo. USPS money order, please.
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    REVISED: Vintage 15" NOS heads (w/one 18").

    Bumpin' this back up. Want to move 'em! I've got a batch of these, but none in their original boxes. These bad boys are CLEAN NOS, not shop-worn NOS (except for the 18" Emperor). Perfect, as-new, beautiful condition except as noted. In all cases, they have never been on a drum. Shipping deal...
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    SlingerLeedy 16", please. In lacquer, for refinish

    To round out my '65-6 Ray Mosca, an original lacquer finish kit that I had re-done in black/gold duco, as restored and repainted by my brother and Jack Lawton. The kit came to me sprayed black all over, complete with gouged resonant-side bearing edges - 22/12/12/w/matching Ray Mosca snare. The...
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    Got (Slingy) Chocolate Milk?

    Please excuse me, all you Slingerland experts, but I would like your help. When, exactly, are the chocolate milk interior years? And could you please post some pics of how it could or should look? Is there a range of colorations? Many thanks from "Not Really a Slingerland Guy."
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    Grommet repair for keyholed hi-hat.

    My beloved owned-from-new ('76-7) Zildjian New Beat 15's have an unfortunate keyhole on the top cymbal due to my youthful ignorance in their early years. They otherwise have been well cared for and sound and play like butter. The keyhole is not increasing, but I'm nervous, for it slips right...
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    Rogers 2 - tom setup questions

    First of all, in the swivomatic script badge era, and particularly Holiday drums, did Rogers sell any factory- original twin-tom sets? The Cook book shows the two different units in the Parts Catalogue section: the '62-'64 and the probably more common '64-'73, but the only factory-appearing sets...
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    Ludwig black and white badge question

    Cook's excellent Ludwig book has a Ludwig badge timeline, but when it gets to the Black and White parallelogram badge, it says, "Rocker Series and Snare drums from 1984 through the 1990s" (p. 177). Does this mean that B&W parallelogram badges are also on NON-Standard series Ludwig snares? Top...