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  1. MillerMav

    Hardwood Cajon's

    Hello all, For a long time I wanted to pick up a cajon but I never had a real reason to do so. The guitarist and bassist from my band have a side gig where they both play acoustic doing small venue stuff and a while back they asked me to come out and play with them for an evening. Perfect...
  2. MillerMav

    Rare INDe/Black Swamp Solid Shell 14x6 Snare *Sold*

    Snare has sold
  3. MillerMav

    5"x14" Ludwig Copper Phonic

  4. MillerMav

    INDe Drums WMP RESOarmor kit 10/12/15/20 *sold*

    Kit has sold.
  5. MillerMav

    New snare build

    Good morning all, Being off work for the last 7 weeks and stuck at home with two kids under 8 has left me with "some" time to get projects finished (my wife is a nursing director so she hasn't really been home in A WHILE!). That being said, I bought a 16 ply 13x5 beech shell from North Custom...
  6. MillerMav

    February 22 The Beach in Walled lake MI

    My band Part Time Professionals is playing in Walled Lake MI tomorrow night from 9:30 - 1:30. Late 60's-Late 90's rock, R'n'B, blues and 1 country song (ha!). If you happen to live around the area swing by, I'm sure it will be a good time. The Beach Tiki Bar and Boil 142 E Walled Lake Dr...
  7. MillerMav


    Traded! Thanks ya'll.
  8. MillerMav


    Kit has been sold.
  9. MillerMav

    Restoring a "vintage" Mapex Saturn

    Good morning all, Over the Thanksgiving holiday I decided it was time to restore my old Mapex Saturns. I purchased these from DCP a couple years ago for a steal because they were severely beat up on the exterior but honestly still played really well and sounded good. Luckily the chrome on...
  10. MillerMav

    21" Agop Sultan China *SOLD*

    This has sold
  11. MillerMav

    Meinl 20" .... SOLD.....

    Sold, thank you
  12. MillerMav

    North Beech shell pack *SOLD*

  13. MillerMav

    New snares with old shells.

    I am in no way a "drum builder", just a guy who likes to make his own stuff some of the time. Anyway; I got a shell from North in the UK a couple years back for free because it took them so long to send me the shell pack I ordered. I have sat on that shell for maybe 2 years until last week I...
  14. MillerMav

    Tackle Leather Stick bag

    I'm selling my brown leather Tackle Instruments leather stick bag. Its the zippered bag with the "kick-back" stick attachment so it can stand on its own. It's a great bag but I recently got a hold of a VF leather stick bag that more fits my needs (mallets and aux stuff more than just...
  15. MillerMav

    Finally pulled the trigger.....INDe!

    I did not come to gloat or brag or whatever but I am overly excited to share that, at 38 years of age, I finally put down a deposit on my first EVER new drum set. After a two year journey filled with tireless research, opinion searching and video watching as well as some playing here and there...
  16. MillerMav

    North custom shells.....finished/unfinished

    18/14/12 shells with hardware sold. Due to that (even though I thought I had more) there is no hardware for the 20/15/13/10. I have decided to hold on to that for now. Thank you everyone for your interest.
  17. MillerMav

    22" Zildjian Dry Complex Ride *Mk1*

    Sold, thank you
  18. MillerMav

    22" Zildjian Dark Complex Ride

  19. MillerMav

    If you can.....please experiment!

    Good morning all, This isn't going to be any big break through post or change anyone's life or anything but I recently did something that confirmed an experiment I tried years ago. MANY years ago I purchased a set of 13" Z custom hats. Ended up being WAY to much for anything I was doing. At...
  20. MillerMav

    Kudos to C&C

    Let me just start by saying I do not own a C&C drum of any kind.... That being said; in my search for a new drum kit I found the C&C 12th and Vine in Walnut/Poplar/Walnut which certainly tickles my fancy. I reached out to their "info" email address expecting a generic reply or something of...