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  1. MillerMav

    Hi hat stand suggestions

    I practice with my band 1 night a week and gig 1-2 nights a month and do it all with a Tama HH55F. In the past I used a Tama speed cobra which was great but heavy and before that a DW5000 which was also great but even heavier than that. I ditched everything and went light weight 3-4 years ago...
  2. MillerMav

    Gretsch or Inde

    I was actually deciding between INDe and Gretsch years ago and went with INDe and have no regrets. The INDe shells just sound more alive or free than Gretsch. They have a fantastic tone and sound, great resonance but not a lot of sustain which is perfect I think. Yes the INDe isn't going to...
  3. MillerMav

    Inde ResoArmour - what happened?

    So..... I have a RESOArmor kit and it is indeed wonderful and also sounds amazing but I contacted Josh about this very thing a few weeks back and it was mainly due to cost and the amount of work in the process. If you were "around" when INDe came to be, one of Josh's things was he wanted his...
  4. MillerMav

    How much does bass drum size really matter now?

    I play a 18 diameter x 16 deep INDe bass drum, it's currently my only bass drum that I own. Why? Because it can do EVERYTHING!. It have it internally mic'd with a Audix D6 and a small port on the front head. That's it.... Now, it NEEDS to be mic'd in a band. Mine is always running through...
  5. MillerMav

    Inde Drum Nerd Lab

    Watched the first episode. Very cool stuff.
  6. MillerMav

    Inde Drum Lab / Your thoughts?

    I have a 18/15/12 resoarmor kit that is my constant gigging kit and I love it. I get complimented on the sound all the time. I have no regrets at all but if RESOarmor has been discontinued that is really sad because it's a very cool finish.
  7. MillerMav

    Steve Ferrone - John Mayer Tour

    He had Questlove come in for last bit of the show and play. I wasn't there but its all over social media this morning.
  8. MillerMav

    What are your favorite BD spurs?

    These! I have them on my INDe bass drums with aluminum spurs and they are fantastic.
  9. MillerMav

    Which cymbal topper do you use?

    I'll throw in another vote for Tama quick nuts. I've never had a problem with them flying off or anything and it makes set-up/tear down quick. I like the idea of gluing felts to the bottoms. I don't use a top felt on my ride but I do on my crashes.
  10. MillerMav

    Mic mounts

    I purchased some of the Beyerdynamic TG D58 and they work really well for recording and live situations. They have the clip built in and the flexible gooseneck removes and bleed or resonant issues. I highly recommend them.
  11. MillerMav

    Logo Removal on Remo Renaissance

    Interesting...... I bought a renaissance head for my 20" bass drum and was shocked at how big the logo was. I did an initial wipe of nail polish remover to get a majority then a secondary wipe with a clean cotton disc to get the remainder. Came out perfect.
  12. MillerMav

    Logo Removal on Remo Renaissance

    I have! I used nail polish remover and it worked great.
  13. MillerMav

    Help with Ayotte.....

    I would absolutely buy it, 100%. My best friend who I've known for 10+ years is a very successful financier and he is also a drummer (it's how we met in college, I was reading a Modern Drummer before class and he was like "I'm a drummer too man"). Anyway, he and I have spoke a few times after...
  14. MillerMav

    Help with Ayotte.....

    He's not in B.C. He's over in Ontario up north of Toronto or something like that if I remember correctly.
  15. MillerMav

    Help with Ayotte.....

    Yeah this is definitely an older one, I apologize for not updating. So here is what happened.... Believe it or not I actually ended up getting a hold of Ray Ayotte and had a nice long conversation with him on the phone about his feelings with the company and who this JD guy is and all that...
  16. MillerMav

    Best soft case for 15" x 12" bass drum?

    Beato.....hands down. I have a triple tom case for 15/13/12 and an 18" bass case. Beautiful stuff.
  17. MillerMav

    Advice on which round drum throne to get…

    I've used a Tama 1st Chair round throne (more than one) for 20 years. I bought my first one at 21 and then replaced it about 13 years later just cause it was starting to break down. I bought another and it's been great. So much so, that I have two of them! Haha.
  18. MillerMav

    May or SHU?

    I have the Shu as well and it works great fitted with my Audix D9. I use it on my 18" kick and it makes that thing sound huge.
  19. MillerMav

    Hardwood Cajon's

    Thank you! Like most people I always doubt my work and my abilities so I appreciate the feedback.
  20. MillerMav

    Hard cases vs. protection racket or something else?

    Many years ago I had all roto molded cases and I didn't like that at all. They are heavy and big and awkward. Many years later I wasn't playing out much anymore and I sold all the roto molded stuff and corresponding kit, built a new smaller kit and got some cheap-o soft cases. I used those...